Spotify is celebrating Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day by honoring influential women in music and culture. Today, Spotify reveals the most listened to female artists and launches a series dedicated to highlighting iconic and rising female artists and authors across music and literature.

According to Spotify users around the world, Rihanna is the most listened to female artist, followed by Ariana Grande and Beyoncé. Of all the top female artists, however, Beyoncé has the highest proportion of streams from females on Spotify.

Spotify has also analyzed its streaming data to identify the Philippines’ most streamed female artist. In a repeat of last year, American singer and actress Ariana Grande tops the list, followed by pop and hip-hop singer-songwriter Meghan Trainer. In third place is electro-pop artist Ellie Goulding.

Most Listened to Females on Spotify Globally:

  1. Rihanna
  2. Ariana Grande
  3. Beyoncé
  4. Ellie Goulding
  5. Katy Perry
  6. Lana Del Rey
  7. Sia
  8. Adele
  9. Selena Gomez
  10. Meghan Trainor

Most Listened to Females on Spotify in the PH:

  1. Ariana Grande
  2. Meghan Trainor
  3. Ellie Goulding
  4. Jessie J
  5. Rihanna
  6. Katy Perry
  7. Beyoncé
  8. Nicki Minaj
  9. Selena Gomez
  10. Adele