Last week, Globe launched their online safety campaign called #ProTECH101. In response to the rapid growth of online crimes due to advances of the digital world, #ProTech aims to combat and help prevent these by educating the public on how they can protect themselves.

#ProTECH101 Part 1 gave three tips focused on restricting the dissemination of personal information online as well as strengthening passcodes to avoid hacking incidents:

  1. Keeping personal information private
  2. Protecting our smartphones with pass codes
  3. Promoting the use of stronger pass codes

#ProTECH101 Part 2 focuses on making accounts more secure by restricting certain features such as the autofill feature available in online forms and log-ins. Disabling the autofill feature would not only decrease the risks of being victimized by hacking, but is also a good preventive measure against online identity fraud.

#ProTECH101 Part 2

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