[8 July 2015] Over 4.5 million Filipinos have used the Internet.org app since it was launched in March, according to TNT, the value brand of leading mobile services provider Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart).

Internet.org is an initiative by Facebook – in close collaboration with top tech firms, mobile networks and content providers – that aims to make mobile Internet services available to two-thirds of the world who are not yet connected. In May, the Internet.org official website noted that it “has brought more than 9 million people online and introduced them to the incredible value of the Internet.”

Smart, through its value brand, is the first telco in Southeast Asia to roll out the Internet.org app, which now provides Filipinos with free access to 30 websites offering informative and practical content, including Facebook and Messenger. Smart and Sun subscribers are also able to enjoy the free sites on the Internet.org app and mobile site.

TNT and Facebook have been promoting the app under the insightful ‘Panalo Ang May Alam’ campaign, which highlights how knowledge and information enable many Filipinos to win in life every day.

Milestone for Filipinos

“TNT’s groundbreaking partnership with Facebook to roll out the Internet.org app in the country is a milestone for Filipinos, who are now more empowered than ever with a wealth of information at their fingertips,” said TNT marketing head Cherish Canizares-Tupaz.

Tupaz noted that TNT has been the most suitable launch pad for the Internet.org advocacy because of its huge subscriber base, making it the largest mobile prepaid brand in the Philippines.

“The overwhelming response to Internet.org reflects the mounting appreciation for the real life benefits of mobile Internet among Filipinos. Indeed, TNT is bent on reaching out especially the masses, who shall benefit the most from this service.”

TNT, Smart and Sun subscribers all over the country may enjoy the free sites on the Internet.org Android app or by visiting www.internet.org on their mobile browser. Subscribers may download the Internet.org app on Google Play Store. Subscribers may also text INTERNET to 9999 for detailed information on using the app and site.

TNT Mobile Web Development Challenge

Under its ‘Panalo ang May Alam’ campaign to promote Internet.org, TNT has launched a Mobile Web Development Challenge, a nationwide call for Filipino developers to create Internet.org-compatible websites and apps that serve the specific needs of livelihood groups around the country.
The competition offered winning teams with developer startup packages from Facebook with a total worth of USD800 thousand, the biggest prize to be awarded in a local developer challenge.

To further support the rollout of Internet.org app in the Philippines, TNT has also kicked off the Panalo Ang May Alam Eyeball, a series of fun and interactive sessions around the country designed to introduce first-time mobile Internet users to the wealth of information available on the Internet.org app and mobile site.

TNT also launched the ‘Panalo ang May Alam’ Communities in Cebu, a program that allows livelihood communities to integrate the use of app in their enterprises.

Available to over 1 billion people

Since 2014, Internet.org has rolled out in 14 countries, including Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia, Ghana, India, Guatemala, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malawi, Pakistan, Senegal, and most recently in Bolivia, making the app available to over 1 billion people so far.

Smart supports the Internet.org app on the back of Philippines’ largest and most advanced mobile network, with over 90,000 kilometers of fiber-optic cables around the archipelago.

For more information on the Internet.org app in the Philippines, please visit www.talkntext.com.ph/internetorg.

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