With the Philippines set to transition soon from analog to digital television, leading information technology (IT) manufacturer Panasonic Philippines is launching its new full high-definition (HD) 4K handheld camera AG-DVX200 (DVX4K).

With this vital high-tech equipment, from the initial news gathering or shoot to editing and post-production, all cinematic images and sounds produced will be crisp and crystal clear, in digital format all the way.

Mr Supachai Chansayawad, Head of Product Marketing for Broadcast, Imaging Network Business Division, Panasonic System Solution Asia Pacific, said that the P2 & Friends launch event intends “to showcase Panasonic broadcast technology together with our partners.”

It also assures their Business to Business (B2B) customers “that we are a real system company (that) always seeks out solutions for our customers. Panasonic broadcast customers always have a chance to choose the complimentary equipment out of their own preferences,” the Panasonic executive added.

He noted that Panasonic has been supporting digital broadcasting since their first P2 camera launched in 2004. “Nowadays, broadcasters do not only need to move towards digital broadcasting but also IT-based technology as well. Because P2 equipment are using file-based technology, they are already digital and IT converged by nature.”

The event will highlight how Panasonic supports digital broadcasts and a revolutionary IT workflow with concepts such as multiple CODEC camcorder, IP wireless camcorder control, file transfer and streaming through the cloud, which he forecasts will be “the essential broadcast technology in the near future.”

Panasonic has the right product for all companies’ cinematic requirements. Broadcasters can inspect the Varicam HS, movie producers can look at Varicam 35 for a greater cinematic effect, while content producers can consider the AG-DVX200.

Varicam HS or Hi Speed was designed for broadcasters to shoot high-speed video. When paired with Live Slow Motion server, it can deliver live-slow play back for up to 240 frames per second in HD. Varicam HS have been especially advantageous for Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) broadcasts, which require immediate slow playback many times during a game.


Meanwhile, Varicam 35 with super 35 large sensor was designed for Cinema 4K application with PL cinema lens mounting. According to Mr Chansayawad, Varicam 35 “has a unique high 5000 ISO feature which enables a cameraman to shoot video at very low light situation without sacrificing image quality. This low light shooting mode can help save lighting costs… significantly.”

The AG-DVX200 is a new 4K handheld camera which combines features from mirrorless camera and video camcorder. With its big sensors, users will get beautiful pictures with cinematic effect. The camcorder part, meanwhile, allows ease of use with a fixed automatic lens.

Panasonic’s multi-codec recorder and wireless IT are trends which not only help speed up the workflow with high image quality but also save investment money. Because IT network implementation costs less than conventional video network. In short for the business owner, it will deliver better picture quality faster with better ROI (return on investment), Mr Chansayawad added.

As for content producers, the Panasonic executive believes that investing in 4K content today will redound to future-proofing their business and content. Their 4K masters can be easily converted to normal HD for viewing today. He added that international broadcasters, especially in the US and China, are increasingly looking for unique 4K content, so this is an opportunity that local content producers can tap.

Panasonic’s P2 event will also feature working seminars, wherein in-demand wedding videographer Jason Magbanuawill demonstrate how to capture precious moments with the mirrorless camera.


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