The world needs more ads where the story is the central lure, and the product is only “incidentally” (ingeniously?) woven in. But Oppo makes sure the swivel-camera of the Oppo N1, the phone’s main feature, is crucial, not incidental, to how this love story unfolds. Watch the first of two ads:

See? You were always The One because I’ve been photo-stalking you and here are the undeniably beautiful shots, including the group selfie with the comes-with Bluetooth clicker and misplaced phone-finder. Oh and did you forget the touchpad behind the Oppo N1?

Watch the second ad below. But do check the specs before you watch the other side of the relationship.

Oppo N1 Specs - Click to View

Oppo N1 Specs


Take note: that 12MP lens plus dual-LED flash can rotate to face the front or back, that’s up to 206 degrees. Selfies and stolen shots with the Oppo N1 have never been easier. And now, the other side of the story.


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