Samsung Electronics’ Dongjin Koh will unveil the company’s latest mobile products at Unpacked in Barcelona on February 21, challenging consumers to rethink what a phone can do. Koh, who was appointed President of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business in December 2015, is responsible for driving Samsung’s global mobile business, from smartphones and smart wearables to emerging mobile services.

Having joined the company in 1984, Koh has worked for Samsung for just over 30 years now. Prior to being named president, he served as the Executive Vice President and Head of the Mobile R&D Office within the Mobile Communications Business. As the Head of the Technology Strategy Team from 2007 to 2015, he created strategic alliances with partner companies to help bring innovative technologies to market as well.

Koh was also responsible for bringing key innovations to software technology when he was Head of the Samsung R&D Institute in the U.K. His background also includes a decade’s worth of experience in Human Resources, where he learned the company’s efforts to increase employee engagement and operational excellence throughout the organization.

Koh sat down with Samsung Newsroom to discuss the business’ vision for 2016, as well as his own personal objectives, ahead of the highly anticipated launch of the next Galaxy device.



Q1. As leading Samsung Mobile business, what would be your missions to overcome the stagnant mobile market?

The mobile market has entered a new phase of maturity. As one of the mobile industry leaders, my biggest mission is to keep offer new values and extended benefits of new technologies to our customers. I believe that the mobile industry is shifting from just competing to produce a technology-driven device to providing a more life-essential tool and a gateway to stay connected to the world.

We should try something new, something that’s never done before in order to provide a beyond satisfactory mobile experience to our customers.


Q2. How will you bring sound changes to Samsung Mobile business by leveraging your hands-on experiences?

Throughout my entire career and life, I’ve always put “people” first. Having them in my mind, I’d like to encourage active discussions and sound debates within the company for further improvements. It eventually lead to a “cultural transformation”… I am visioning something like venture spirit injected into this big company.

I myself always try to listen first, think deeper, be generous to everyone, and win people’s heart. I’d like to share this with my whole team as an acting leader as well as a new culture influencer.


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Q3. How do you envision Samsung Galaxy brand for the users and customers?

Samsung Galaxy has achieved meaningful and relentless innovation over the several years. We have not accepted the imposed limits. We have enjoyed adventures. We are not afraid of limits, or fear the unknown and will always keep moving forward.

Our Galaxy brand philosophy is to try new things, new inventions. A great example is the Samsung Galaxy Note, which opened the so-called “phablet” market, and we’ve done the same again with the “dual edge experience” of the Galaxy S6 edge smartphone.

Our mobile vision remains the same; relentlessly pursuing technology development that will help enrich people’s lives. Our competitive spirit and drive to challenge ourselves is already in Samsung Mobile’s DNA.


Q4. Please tell us about the upcoming announcement in February 21.

Samsung is always pushing the frontier of what’s possible. Galaxy S7 is created to deliver a unique mobile experience in many ways. I am very confident about the result for our hard works for the past several months and can’t wait for our consumers’ feedbacks.

I’d like to express my sincere and deep appreciation to my fellow colleagues who devoted hard works to come up with the Galaxy S7.


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