As yet another hot and humid summer makes its way in, Neutrogena® offers Filipinos a powerfully effective yet skin-friendly way to stay protected from the sun.

The international skin care brand recently unveiled the Ultra Sheer™ sun protection range which features the patented and breakthrough sun protection technology complex Helioplex™.

According to Ella Reyes-David, senior brand manager for Neutrogena Philippines, Helioplex™ was specifically engineered to deliver very high, very broad and photostable UV protection.

“Helioplex™ is photostable which means that it does not lose its effectiveness even with continued exposure to sunlight,” she said. “It also provides the full coverage for UVA/UVB spectrum by harnessing two proven safe and effective sun screens, Avobenzone and Oxybenzone.”

According to the World Health Organization website, UVB is a medium-wavelength type of ultraviolet (UV) radiation which is “very biologically active but cannot penetrate beyond the superficial skin layers.” It causes delayed tanning and burning, and contributes to skin aging and the development of skin cancers.

UVA is a “relatively long-wavelength” form of UV radiation that is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. It causes immediate tanning, and also contributes to skin aging and wrinkling.

Avobenzone is one of the world’s most powerful UVA absorbers today albeit photo-unstable. Oxybenzone is a very good UVB absorber with some UVA absorbency. Together with the Helioplex™ stabilizing technology, these two provide high, broad spectrum and photostable coverage.


Made for summer

Reyes-David noted that Ultra Sheer with Helioplex™ is “ideal for Philippine summers.”

She added, “It can really get very hot and sticky during summer, even if you’re just walking around the metro. Ultra Sheer with Helioplex™ has Dry Touch™ technology which essentially means that it does not leave that sticky white film or residue upon application. It is also water- and sweat-proof, non-greasy, and in fact, leaves a light velvety feel that doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all.”

Ultra Sheer with Helioplex™ has SPF 50 sun protection range, and has specific variants available for face and body.


Skin-friendly protection

Ultra Sheer with Helioplex™ is among the featured products in Neutrogena®’s recently launched campaign called “Healthy is the New Beauty.” The campaign seeks to debunk common beauty myths and promote healthy and skin-friendly ways to be beautiful.

Filipino-British model, host and blogger Kim Jones was also introduced as the new face of the brand. Jones is a self-confessed Neutrogena® user ever since her growing up years in Australia.

Ultra Sheer with Helioplex™ can be purchased online, together with other Neutrogena®, products at To watch videos on debunking beauty myths featuring Kim and other real-life Neutrogena® users, visit or log on to for more information.

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