Sony Philippines’ new Sony Alpha mirrorless camera ambassadors demonstrate why hobbyists and pro shooters should seriously consider Sony cameras.

Sony Alpha, Sony Alpha Ambassadors, Sony Mirrorless Camera

Representing Sony’s latest mirrorless camera, the A6300, are toy photographer Sheng Gonzales, travel photographer Kimi Juan, lifestyle photographer Jelito de Leon, and fashion photographer Charisma Lico. Each of them has found the A6300 as the ideal tool for their respective craft.

Sony A6300, Sony Alpha, Sony Mirrorless Camera

Here are some of their thoughts on the A6300:

  • “I get better and sharper images for sure. I don’t have to worry about cropping the photo because I will still have a high quality image.” – Jelito de Leon
  • “It has definitely been easier to shoot with the A6300. When traveling, it’s hard to carry around a huge camera, but the A6300 is light and doesn’t compromise quality at all. The first time I took it on a trip, it really impressed me, because it was easy to use, and the colors did not disappoint either.” – Kimi Juan
  • “I was completely blown away with the quality of the photos. It’s fast, crisp and sharp. Since I don’t rely much in post processing photos, Sony A6300 delivers an excellent quality and color without further enhancing it with editing software. I fell in love with it the first time I tried it. Its size and tilt screen feature is perfect for toy photography.” – Sheng Gonzales

The α6300 can lock focus on a subject in as little as 0.05 seconds, has 425 phase detection AF points densely positioned over the entire image area, and can shoot images at up to 11 frames per second with continuous autofocus and exposure TRACKING. See details here.

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“We hope that they [the new Alpha ambassadors], through the workshops they will be conducting and the tips and tricks they will be sharing, will inspire more Filipinos to produce creative and one-of-a-kind work that they will be proud of,” says JV Ruanto, Product Marketing Officer for Digital Imaging, Sony Philippines.

Sony Alpha Mirrorless Camera, Sony A6300

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