In a time when we are constantly connected via technology, it is ironic that families have become even more disconnected. Let’s bring back the ease of connecting with each other. There are plenty of simple yet heartfelt ways to foster closeness among family members, including fun, lighthearted gestures that effectively convey how much you care.

Spark the spirit of playful connections with special edition OREO embossed cookies! Each delicious piece is crafted with embossed letters and emojis that families can use
in joyful and whimsical activities to strengthen their bonds with one another. Here are some fun suggestions on how to use the new OREO Embossed Cookies:

⦁ As a fun educational tool for learning letters
⦁ To spell out cute and scrumptiously edible notes for both kids and adults alike
⦁ Inject a thrill into your partner’s day with some OREO cookies spelling out “I Love You!”
⦁ Put a smile on your child’s face with some “XOXO” cookies for them to find.

You are only limited by your imagination in crafting your sweet OREO messages!
However you use them, these embossed delights are sure to enrich family emotional bonds and create lasting memories that will sustain parents and children for a lifetime!

Starting June 2020, get the special edition OREO embossed cookies from your favorite stores nationwide. Available in chocolate and vanilla flavors in varying pack sizes (Slug 133g, Multipack 9×28.5g, LUP 28.5g, Half Slug 66.5g, Double Slug 2x133g), families can now enrich their quality time together with sweet, playful OREO messages that spark deeper connections between parents and children.

Share these lighthearted OREO moments with your family with the OREO Emoji Digital Competition and be one of the 100 winners of Sodexo Gift Certificates! A total of PHP 500,000 will be given away so grab your family members and snap away! Joining is simple: capture your most creative photos using the special edition OREO cookies with letters and emojis and post it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #SayItWithOREO. The contest runs from July 1 to September 11.

For more playful and exciting announcements on OREO, please follow the Official Facebook Page of OREO!

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