During these trying times, it’s important to know you have the support of your loved ones and friends. Life can be challenging in this current environment. That’s why knowing that you can be who you are and still count on the support of the people in your life is not only comforting. It can give you the strength and courage to get through anything.

The same applies in our 2 nd home – our workplace. Even now as most people continue to work
from home, our work takes up a lot of hours in our days. Even without the physical environment of an office, feeling supported and welcomed for your talents and skills is an asset of a workplace. One that empowers people to be their best and be driven to create a future with the Company.

“We value diversity and inclusion at our workplace,” shares Shiela Pangilinan, HR Business Lead
of snack maker Mondelez Philippines. “We are committed to sustaining a workplace where differences are valued and where everyone can be themselves. In fact, one of our company values is to ‘Do What’s Right.’ This is a commitment to respect and value differences as success enablers.”

Pangilinan adds, “We believe passionately in a culture where everyone is treated with integrity
and respect. When it comes to diversity and inclusion, we have three clear goals we hold ourselves
accountable for: Empowering women to lead, offering an inclusive bias-free workplace, and building an active and purposeful diversity and inclusion community. We tell our colleagues, Make it Uniquely Yours at Mondelez Philippines. Be yourself, dare to be different and Speak up!”

Inclusive Company Policies to Help You, Do You More than a philosophy or belief, making the work experience at Mondelez Philippines unique are its policies and work culture, which promote diversity and inclusion. Currently, people of the Company who do not need to be physically present in the office continue to work from home. This isn’t something new though as this policy has been in force since 2017. This working arrangement aims to provide opportunities for employees to efficiently manage their personal tasks without compromising performance of work responsibilities.

Similarly, the Company has expanded its Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) benefits.
This entitles health coverage not only for married couples, but also those for domestic partners of all genders. Benefits include annual check-ups, and inpatient, outpatient, emergency, dental and maternity care. Most recently the Company has begun to cover the cost of consultations and treatment for mental health conditions as well as a wider range of illnesses.

Lastly, allowed time off work has been expanded based on the roles you play in your household,
not your gender. Leaves for Primary and Secondary caregivers are regardless of gender, and regardless of birth method. This means leaves are also given for instances of surrogacy or adoption. Single parents are also afforded additional 15 days of paid leaves to ensure they can be present at home and attend to their responsibilities.

“I have always felt welcome at Mondelez Philippines and accepted for who I am and who I want
to be,” shares Karl Sandoval, an HR Manager, and the Company’s own LGBTQIA advocate. “In fact,
gender has never played a role inside our workplace. You wouldn’t usually see someone like me, a
member of the LGBTQIA community leading and partnering with a male-dominated area such as a
manufacturing unit. But Mondelez Philippines’ manufacturing team has welcomed me very warmly. You are appreciated and recognized for what you can contribute and not how you identify yourself. Our policies also make our jobs and our home commitments much easier to manage. Because the Company trusts us to do our best, we show our appreciation by being the best version of ourselves. By making the experience of working at the Company uniquely our own.”

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