Epson, a leader in digital imaging and printing solutions, will be collaborating with Indonesian celebrity brand Sky Inc and award-winning Thai designer Thanit Tiansivarat to showcase their digitally printed collections at the Jakarta Fashion Week 2016, at Epson’s Print your Passion fashion show.

Indonesian brand Sky Inc, co-owned by designers Amot Syamsuri Muda and Andrea Risjad, will be showcasing their BI.ON.IC collection of 46 looks with a futuristic science fiction theme, which takes inspiration from the world of science fiction, technology and extraterrestrial life.


Thanit Tiansivarat, owner and designer of Thai brand Oh! Lala and Dee Project, will be showcasing for the first time at Jakarta Fashion Week with her ELEMENTS collection, consisting of 12 looks modelled by kid models. The collection takes inspiration from nature and the natural elements of earth, water, wind and fire, and is evocative of the transformative and changing powers of nature.

Both the designers’ collections are printed by Epson’s digital textile printers powered by PrecisionCore technology, which vividly captures the bold and vibrant colours of the collections. The collaboration between Epson and designers aims to showcase the unlimited possibilities of digital textile printing and its role in fashion.


“The collaboration with the designers showcases how Epson’s textile printing technology can help in translating the designers’ vision to reality. Epson’s PrecisionCore technology brings vivid colour reproduction, and can inspire designers in the creation of their design. With digital textile printing, designers are only limited by their imagination. Through our collaborations with local designers, we hope to support the fashion industry and create greater awareness of the possibilities of digital textile printing,” said Shuji Hamaguchi, General Manager (Southeast Asia), Professional Printing, Epson Singapore.

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