Hold your very own movie marathon set up, even with just your smartphone or tablet. Practice your next killer-videoke song right where you’re sitting. Enliven the party with just this relatively tiny thing. Outdoors, beside the pool, on the beach, on the porch, on someone else’s rooftop, play music that doesn’t sound strained, or cheaply loud. People, meet the LG Music Flow P7, and adore it.

The Very Good

  • The bass and loudness easily outshines any Bluetooth speaker your friends will bring to the party, or to your beach escapade.
  • Outdoors, the sound is “full”. Inside a confined space, like your bathroom, its immersive. In your living or bedroom, it’s like a small theater. If you have a playlist for getting work done or doing the laundry, play on the Music Flow 7.
  • The audio never sounds strained. You can make out the dialogue over the explosions and clang of metal and roars of reptiles and pounding scary movie score. I wanted to hold on this review unit as long as humanly possible. That says something.
  • You don’t need the LG Music Flow Android or iOS app, pairing via Bluetooth is fine. But it’s a nice option to have.
  • Single speaker sound is already good, but Dual Connect (both speakers paired, resulting in stereo sound) is full-bodied rumbling, bass-rich, end-of-the-room-reaching awesome! Dual Connect is just pairing the Music Flow P7 with your device, twice. Nothing complicated about it.
  • Rechargeable via power bank. So if you bring the Music Flow P7 outdoors, a power bank will keep the sounds alive.
  • Multipoint feature allows multiple devices to pair with the Music Flow P7. So when my wife is not around, I can use the speakers as I like.
  • The rubber underneath the twin-speakers keeps it in place.
  • I keep yakking about outdoors music and indoors listening, listen, if ever you have to show a video as part of your office presentation, doesn’t matter if you’re indoors or out, the Flow P7’s sounds will be heard. That should leave a good impression.
  • Battery life: you get about 8 hours of continuous play. That’s an entire work shift.
  • Given the features, the price (SRP P6,890.00) is not bad. Not bad at all.

Not So Bad

  • Slightly hefty, not pocketable.

LG Music Flow 7 review

Here’s a final tour of features before we end.


Buy it! We know that the LG G3 and G4 have loud, clear speakers in their own right, but come on, the LG Music Flow P7 amplifies the oomph exponentially. You want to pamper yourself with portable party/ nearly small-cinema quality sound, believe me. And this Bluetooth speaker is it. Second thoughts not allowed. Go get it.

Price and Availability

The LG Music Flow P7 is set to hit the local market with a competitive retail price of PHP 6,890 and will be available in the following participating LG dealers nationwide: Avant Greenbelt, Abenson Glorietta, Electroworld Glorietta, Avant Trinoma, Electroworld Trinoma, Robinson’s Lipa, Robinson’s Novaliches, Robinson’s Pampanga, Robinson’s Bacolod, Robinson’s Dasmarinas, Robinson’s Pioneer, Robinson’s MetroEast, Robinson’s Ilocos, Robinson’s Ermita, and Robinson’s Galleria.

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