As a way to make the remote learning experience more engaging and efficient, educators can use Epson’s cutting-edge ELPDC21 – an advanced document camera, for use alongside Epson education projectors, which can easily capture and display on-hand learning materials in crisp HD 1080p resolution images.

This is especially beneficial now, given the new study-from-home set-up encouraged by the Department of Education. With safety measures set in place as a response to the government’s mandate to transition the learning experience from on-ground to online, educators have turned to virtual communication technologies to create virtual classrooms that allow them to best present physical materials in detail to facilitate and engage in activities ideal for learning.

Engage with students online like never before  

The ELPDC21 is an advanced document camera used alongside the Epson education projectors, which can seamlessly capture and display books, 3D objects, and even experiments in full HD 1080p resolution. Teachers can use the ELPDC21 to demonstrate the view from a microscope, a live experiment in science class, or display fine prints from an architectural drawing onto the bigger projected screen.

Zoom in on intricate details and let students get up close and personal with the subject at hand. The ELPDC21 delivers a unique perspective on any subject with up to 12x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom, bringing lessons alive without having to physically pass around a microscope or photograph.

Discover amazing image quality

Epson’s powerful ELPDC21 document camera has a large, highly efficient imaging sensor that captures a high volume of light pixels, and delivers bright images with incredible quality and detail—helping you achieve high-quality images virtually anywhere. 

Grab the students’ attention with an output resolution of 1080p and watch your presentation come alive at 30 frames-per-second (fps) for an ultra-smooth video performance with minimal delays.

Level up the Virtual Classroom Experience With Epson’s ELPDC21 Document Camera

Maximum versatility 

Shed light on a subject using Epson ELPDC21’s built-in rotatable LED lights which make it easy to direct light on any object and effortlessly capture it. Its versatile rotating camera head with intuitive 16x digital zoom and microscope adapter allows students to examine items in sharp detail and clear magnification. Teachers can also demonstrate scientific processes and complex math problems in full HD resolution, bringing the familiar classroom blackboard experience in today’s virtual classrooms.

Compatible with the Epson EIT (Easy Interactive Tools) software, users can take advantage of features such as split screen mode, video recording with audio, image capturing, and save recordings to a SD card or computer.

With easy one-touch auto focus, getting a sharp, and clear image in a snap is easy. Users can even use it as a webcam to capture and share their current background or environment. The split-screen capability enables the projection of a live video and still images from an SD card. Using the split-screen lets viewers enjoy both still and moving images.

On-the-go education

The document camera also has a clean, compact design, making it ideal for small storage spaces. The Epson ELPDC21 comes with a carrying case, and its lightweight foldable design makes it easy to transport and store when not in use.

With PC connectivity, users can use the Epson Interactive Tool (EIT) to annotate on the live image. It is even easier with the Epson interactive projector, which allows users to annotate using the interactive feature. The advanced document camera also comes with a remote control for easy access and operation anywhere within your setup.

Epson’s ELPDC21 document camera offers a unique approach to virtual learning and provides the convenience that educators need in the current setup. Expertly designed with Epson’s meticulous attention to detail, the device enables an efficient, engaging, and exciting learning experience for students in the new normal.

The Epson’s ELPDC21 document camera is priced at Php28,690 SRP and is available at Epson’s authorized dealer stores nationwide.

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