The fun never ends with summer as MyPhone releases its newest offer under the Rio line-up, the MyPhone Rio Fun, at an affordable price of P 2,999. Delight yourself with MyPhone Rio Fun’s large 5-inch display. Watch movies, play games, read your favorite e-book, browse the internet, view photos and videos taken with your device, or any other things you like doing with your mobile phone with this fun Phablet.

MyPhone Rio Fun Specs

Enjoy taking snaps of yourself or your friends on the first day of the class, with Rio Fun’s back and front cameras. Whether it’s a photo under the sun, or under low-light, Rio Fun’s camera can capture that moment with the help of built-in flash. Instantly upload each shot and start tagging your friends with Rio Fun’s Wi-Fi capability.

MyPhone Rio Fun Stack

Of course, the most fun part about this phone is its colorful back covers. You can have a MyPhone Rio Fun color per day with colors red, orange, yellow, blue, green, black, and white back covers to choose from. Now you can post not just your #OOTD or outfit of the day, but also your #MOTD or MyPhone of the day.

MyPhone Rio Fun LEAD

MyPhone Rio Fun is definitely big in size, but small in price with the tag of P 2, 999. And that’s definitely a fun and affordable way to live life in color.


The MyPhone Rio Fun was launched at the Red Engine Diner, Sky Ranch, Tagaytay last May 28, 2014.

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