May 2022 – Johnson and Johnson (Philippines), Inc. (J&J Philippines) continues to make great strides in healthcare to “build a world of care”. In recognition of World Health Day, the company takes pride in the many groundbreaking innovations that have elevated holistic health and accessibility and have put these essentials within arm’s reach to improve the overall health and quality of life of Filipinos. 

In recent discussions, J&J Philippines’ head of Medical Affairs, Dr. Erwin Benedicto and head of Professional Marketing and Media, Elaine Pallasigui, confirmed their view that the future of healthcare in the country is dependent on accessibility, continuing education, and upskilling.  Throughout the J&J Philippines network, this has been job one.

Over the last decade, the healthcare giant has set the bar high in medical innovation and social responsibility on the road to changing the country’s “trajectory of health”, as it focuses on ensuring newborn care, proper oral hygiene, skin and vaginal health, and enhanced access to treatment for leading causes of mortality among Filipinos.

J&J Philippines also collaborated with various organizations in aid of the pandemic response and assisted several communities across the country during a handful of natural calamities that have occurred since 2020. 

In partnership with select government bodies and medical associations, the company works to bring its consumer health products, medical innovations, and healthcare programs closer to the country’s most vulnerable population. This includes running grassroots initiatives for greater awareness on mental health, psoriasis, and tuberculosis. 

J&J Philippines continues to build healthier lives one community at a time
J&J is committed to enabling a world without TB, by expanding access to treatment, supporting efforts to help find the missing millions, and investing in research and development for better management of multidrug-resistant TB cases.

“We have made it our mission to care for every Filipino family at every life stage and need state,” said Dr. Benedicto. “While we do encounter challenges along the way, they do not stop us from providing continuing education for our health professionals, bringing basic health necessities to communities in need, and introducing advanced treatment options to patients and support for their families.”

In the area of education and upskilling, Elaine Pallasigui confirms that the Philippines has stayed ahead of the curve. In support, the J&J Philippines organization has initiated programs at a national and community level to engage and educate Filipino health frontliners such as midwives, nurses, and pharmacists. 

“By helping upskill our healthcare professionals (HCPs) through continuing medical education, we are helping with better diagnosis and management of diseases. As we do, we make sure that we communicate the science behind our products so that our HCPs will better understand how they work towards the prevention and management of diseases,” shared Pallasigui. 

Science and technology are at the core of J&J product development, including well-loved brands such as Johnson’s® Baby, Neutrogena®, and Aveeno®. Across the product portfolio, the goal is to make available higher efficacy products, and provide broader access through more affordable, smaller sized packs. 

“We will continue to educate our HCPs, government health workers, and the public about our innovations, with the goal of helping improve the treatment landscape across the country through our science and our products,” added Dr. Benedicto. 

By putting the health of the nation front and center, J&J Philippines is working to contribute significantly and consistently to build healthier lives and thriving communities. Health above all else is the best foundation of a better future for all. “A healthier world means our consumers are proactive with their health, with a core belief that prevention of any disease is key,” ended Pallasuigi.

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