Tom Rodriguez and Joseph Marco’s new San Miguel Light ad can’t get any clearer: if women show you these signs, then you have a #MahabahabangInuman on your hands.

Spot these signs like a pro and you're sure to have a #MahabaHabangInuman like Tom Rodriguez and Joseph Marco. Look good, feel good, meet more.ASC REF No. S014P120216S

Posted by San Mig Light on Friday, February 24, 2017

Having drinks makes us feel more at ease, and flirty. But there are two things you don’t want to miss out on: failing to read the signs that a girl is into you and a drink that makes you feel full too quickly.

Good thing San Mig Light has you covered. With just 100 calories, magaan sa tiyan, you’re sure to look good, feel good, and meet more.

Go ahead and re-watch Tom and Joseph’s new ad; it certainly has 5 quick insights you can drink to.

San Mig Light, #MahabahabangInuman

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