Invite your friends to download and book a ride with the GrabTaxi app and both of you will get Php40 off your ride!

For GrabTaxi, this means FREE booking fee and Php40 off the meter. For GrabCar / GrabExpress, you get Php40 off the fixed fare/delivery fee.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

Step 1: Open your GrabTaxi app and tap the gift icon.


Step 2: Share your referral code via SMS (Contacts), FB Messenger, or other social apps.


Step 3: Your friend will receive a link to sign up for the referral program.


Step 4: After signing up, they’ll just have to install the app and register their account.

Step 5: Upon registration, your friend will receive a promo code for their first ride!


Step 6: Once your friend completes their first ride, it’s your turn to get a code! Use it to enjoy free booking fee (for GrabTaxi) and P40 off the metered/fixed fare (for GrabTaxi, GrabCar, and GrabExpress)

Step 7: Keep on referring your friends to get more discounts! You can refer up to 20 new users.


Do all Grabbers get their own referral codes?
Yes, unique Referral Codes will be generated for each Grabber. You can access your code via the gift icon on the upper right corner of the app.

How many times can I use my referral code?
For now, you can invite a maximum of 20 friends with your code.

So I have FREE GT, GC, and GE rides?
Nope! You can only choose one where you can apply the discount!

Can I share my referral code on social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc)?
Yes, please do! Referral Codes are meant for you to share the GrabLove with family and friends.

Don’t go overboard, though! Users acquired via public / commercial channels like coupon code websites, Google AdWords, and web forums are not eligible. Also, as stated above, only 20 friends can be referred by one code.

Can existing passengers who have registered still enter a referral code?
No, sorry. First time users only!

How will my friends be rewarded?
After they’ve signed up and activated the app from your code/invite, they’ll automatically receive a push notification or in-app popup with their promo code reward.

How many times can my friends use their promo code?
Each of your friends gets one code valid for their first ride.

At what point is a referral considered “successful” (i.e., how do I get rewarded?)
If your friend signs up with your code AND completes a ride, it’s a SUCCESS!

How will I know if my friends have registered their account or completed a ride?
We’ll let you know with a push notification or in-app popup each time, too!

How many times can I use my promo code?
You get one use of the code for each successful referral.

Can my reward amount be accumulated?
Nope, you can only redeem Php40 off for each ride/transaction.

Can I cash out my reward?
Nope. Referral Rewards CANNOT be exchanged for cash.

Can I use somebody else’s promo code / can someone else use mine?
Still nope. Your reward promo code  is all yours! To prevent shady activities, only referrers/referrees can use the codes.

Can the referral code and promo code be used in other countries with Grab?
Nope, sorry. The referral reward system is country-specific (i.e., your codes won’t work in Singapore, and vice versa).

Terms and Conditions apply

  • Unique Referral Codes will be generated for each Grabber.
  • Referral code is only valid if your friend is a new GrabTaxi user.
  • Referral code is limited to one ride.
  • Referrals only valid for users referred in your native country.
  • Referrals are limited to a maximum of 20 per user.
  • Discounts accumulated from referring your friends are not exchangeable for cash or any other forms of incentives.



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