Aside from using its platform as channel for monetary donations, GCash has also led an internal donation drive to further help the affected communities in Taal with its employees stepping up to help those in need.

Over the past few days, GCash encouraged its employees to donate in kind for the people that were hit by the eruption of the Taal volcano. Through the generosity and inner kindness of the GCash workforce, GCash was able to fill as much as 200 bags of donations filled with daily necessities for the people of Taal.

“One good deed creates a whole new ripple of various acts of kindness, and we at GCash are proud of our employees who willingly donated. This is a true embodiment of our vision of continuously transforming our app to a socially-significant and responsible platform,” GCash President Anthony Thomas said.

Part of the donations were handed over to partners for distribution in the evacuation centers in Batangas.

GCash, Employees Pitch in to Taal Relief; Raises p1.015m in Donations

“We are encouraged by the generosity of our people and we will continue to work with our partners to further utilize the GCash app as an agent of change in these trying times,” Thomas added.

GCash for Good, the corporate social responsibility arm of GCash, launched Tulong Taal in early January to help facilitate monetary donations for humanitarian aid in the affected areas in Taal.

The donations made through the Tulong Taal campaign reached P772,048.55 in end of January, and this amount has been divided equally to each of the civic partners of GCash, namely: Philippine Red Cross, World Vision, Animal Kingdom Foundation, Ayala Foundation, the School of Deaf and Applied Studies, Hope in a Bottle, ABS-CBN Foundation, and the United Nations Children’s Fund – Philippines.

GCash, Employees Pitch in to Taal Relief; Raises p1.015m in Donations

Individuals have also directly sent their donations to their chosen non-government organizations. This brought the total amount of donations sent via GCash to P1.015 million. This does not include the individual donation drives that GCash users launched for the same advocacy.

“As part of our core values as an organization, we put premium in using our platform as a channel of kindness. We continue to encourage individuals to donate through the GCash app for the people affected by the Taal volcano eruption,” Thomas said.

To donate to the Tulong Taal campaign, GCash users simply have to open their apps, click on the “Pay Bills” tile, select “Others,” click on “Tulong Taal,” and input the amount they would like to contribute.

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