Starting last Sunday, 20 November 2016 at 7.00pm (SkyCable Ch 88 (SD) / Ch 246 (HD), Destiny Cable Ch 88, Cignal Ch 101), HGTV’s 7top original production show House Hunters Asia returns for the second season. This time, the regional cable show zooms in on homeowners and properties in Malaysia and Singapore, with each market dominating three episodes each. Brought to you by PropertyGuru, the returning series explores the joy and anticipation of homeowners searching for their perfect home minus the foot work and overwhelming research.


“There is no place like home and no show like House Hunters Asia! The ratings success of the first season has spurred us to continue in our pursuit to capture authentic stories for the new season. Since its airing, we have been getting enquiries on how viewers can share their personal experiences on our show. It is definitely a clear sign that the show has resonated well among our target audiences,” said Carl Zuzarte, Senior Vice President, Programming and Production of Scripps Networks Interactive, Asia-Pacific.


House Hunters Asia 2

The series follows different home buyers from Singapore and Malaysia enlisting the help of real estate agents. The ideal criteria list include factors that range from individual family needs to workplace proximity. Real estate agents then take on the daunting task to scour the city to find the ideal living quarters that fit their prospective buyers. Three properties get shortlisted, and home buyers tour the properties weighing the pros and cons of each home before making the final decision on the home that best fits their requirements and budget.

Bjorn Sprengers, Chief Marketing Officer of PropertyGuru Group said, “At PropertyGuru, we understand that finding the right home is a daunting task for most home seekers, as it is likely to be the biggest financial decision of their lives. As their trusted source that enables them to make confident property decisions, we are proud to be an integral part of their home buying journey. House Hunters Asia brings to life the dilemmas, anticipation and the final joy of finding the right home, which our users experience on a daily basis.”
Here’s a sneak peek at some of the families in House Hunters Asia Season 2:

Episode 1: A Purrfect Home (Clarice)

Animal lover, Clarice Chan has always dreamt of owning her own private condominium in Singapore. She 8would prefer to live in the West of Singapore close to her friends, but more importantly a space to accommodate her pets. Clarice will also need a home that will satisfy her Fengshui requirements – ideally a home equipped with a wide open kitchen. She is joined by best friend Jocelyn, who together combs the western neighborhoods of Singapore in search of Clarice’s perfect home.

Episode 2: Space for Six (Hatta and Hafiza)

Full-time teachers, Hatta and Hafiza, are parents to a growing family of six and are stretched for space. With their four children getting older and desiring bedrooms of their own, it’s time for this growing family to buy a larger home that will accommodate all their needs. With Hafiza seeking a condominium with gym facilities, and Hatta seeking public housing with ample amounts of space – will this family come to an agreement and find what they’re both looking for?

Episode 3: Married Musicians Seek First Home Together (Dawn and Felix)

Dawn and Felix are newly we’ds in search of their first home together in the west of Singapore. Dawn wants a three-bedroom home to fit a studio and future nursery, while Felix prefers a home with a balcony so that he can pursue his passion in pottery. While a non-balcony home might be a deal breaker for Felix, Dawn is more concerned with stretching their budget. The couple will have to come to an agreement on which apartment is best for them. Which will they choose?

Episode 4: Couple Looks For New Home To Expand Family (Marcus and Chim Siew)

Married couple, Marcus and Chim Siew are looking for a new home with ample space in Malaysia. Marcus, who is a science teacher, would like to move into a high-rise condominium unit equipped with a large kitchen and with facilities such as a garage and garden. His wife, Chim Siew, would rather buy a landed property and make practical use of living space. Can their real estate agent find them a house that meets both of their needs?

Episode 5: A Tranquil Home In The City (Amy and Gobi)

Gobi, an IT Manager, and Amy, a Sales and Operations Manager, are eager to find a home in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur but they can’t agree on space.  Amy prefers a smaller studio unit as it will be easier to maintain while Gobi prefers a larger unit with at least 3 bedrooms and a balcony. They both have busy work schedules and if they can, they each prefer to be near their families in Petaling Jaya and Sentul. Gobi and Amy weigh the pros and cons of all three properties in this episode; which one will they choose?

Episode 6: A New Home For Her (Azlyanna and Nasaruddin)

Married couple of 23 years, Azlyanna and Nasaruddin, look forward to moving into a landed double-storey home with their three daughters. With all three girls  growing up and wanting space of their own, the family wants a house that comes with four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a spacious living room for them to spend time together. Although they need space, Nasaruddin is uncertain about the move as he is comfortable with their current home, but Azlyanna is determined to move into a new house with a larger kitchen so that she can cook more comfortably for the family.  Find out if the couple can decide on a new home together.

HGTV is available in the following channels:

StarHub TV Ch 437

Astro Ch 731

SkyCable Ch 88 (SD) / Ch 246 (HD), Destiny Cable Ch 88, Cignal Ch 101

Univision Ch 207

Indovision Ch 245, OkeVision Ch 80, Playmedia Ch 245

Kbro Ch 239, Taiwan Broadband Ch 239, New Taipei City CATV Ch 501, Tian Wai Tian Ch 211

Sri Lanka
Dialog TV Ch 129

Medianet Ch 829, Univision Ch 207, DDish TV Ch 62

Fetch TV Ch 126


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