Moving into a new home, the first space you can call your very own at that, is definitely a milestone. It gets even more exciting as you fill it with pieces of furniture and décor that speak of who you are. Let the task of filling up your first home with trendy and essential pieces be made easier with your stylish friend, SB Furniture. The home design expert known for making thousands of dream homes come to life shares simply beautiful essentials to add on your first home checklist.

The right sofa

Look around your home and decide what size of sofa would fit just right in your living area. Another tip is to choose a sofa that is reflective of your lifestyle. Do you like inviting friends over? Or do you love lounging around with a good book or a movie? SB Furniture recommends their Jelly 3-seater sofa. Cozy enough for intimate living areas; comfy and spacious for when hosting a little get together.

The modern dining area

Your first home deserves a great dining area where you can comfortably eat after a long day at work or even share a meal with friends and family. If you’d like your dining area to be intimate with a modern touch, choose a square shaped table like SB Furniture’s Celine dining table. Match it with the BASK chairs for a comfy and trendy dining area setup.

SB Furniture jelly-3-seater-sofa-celine-desk-bask-chair

A sturdy bed frame

Your bedroom is where you spend most of your time resting and relaxing, and the main piece in any bedroom is, of course, the bed. And so, it is important to choose a bed frame that is sturdy and functional. Invest in a European standard quality piece like SB Furniture’s SPAZZ Bed Frame. This is a multi-functional bed frame where you can safely keep some of your gadgets and books and it will surely last for a very long time.

SB Furniture SPAZZ-Bed-Frame

A functional display cabinet

Your home reflects who you are, and you’d want to put all the most memorable items in your life on display. Your graduation photo, diploma, a family picture or trinkets from your travels. Have them all displayed using SB Furniture’s Rubik Display cabinet. Make it functional as well, because this top quality display cabinet can be used as a divider if you’d like to make each area of your home more distinct.

SB Furniture rubik-display-cabinet

The entertainment area

Your home is also a place where you can enjoy what you love doing during your free time like listening to music, watching a movie or reading books. You’ll need some space to safely keep all the things that you enjoy and SB Furniture’s SPAZZ Entertainment System is the right addition to your checklist. This cabinet system is perfect for keeping your movie collection or books because of its finely spaced shelves and sturdy doors.

SB Furniture spazz-entertainment-system


Moving in to your new home has never been this easy, thanks to your stylish friend and partner SB Furniture. They even offer free Furniture Layout Consultancy (FLC) which allows you to work with the SB in-house designers as a friend and partner to create the space that reflects you most. These experts have helped thousands of homeowners design their homes and maximize their living spaces—and they can do the same for you.

With these simple and beautiful first home essentials on your list, your dream space is well on its way to becoming a reality. To get an expert’s hand in helping you style your home, check out SB Furniture’s trendy and quality pieces. Visit the SB Furniture Showrooms in Waltermart Makati and Market! Market! BGC, log on to and like for more details.


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