At a Php 5,000 price range, most people would be lucky to get a decent-looking 5-inch quad core smartphone with fair photo-taking capabilities, adding in perhaps an average specs list up its sleeve. The standards of todayโ€™s devices have limited users to using smartphones that have been stripped down and cut-off of neat features to fit what their money can afford.


However, in its quest to bring the latest technologies within reach, CloudFone pushes forward in creating the CloudFone Excite 501o, the most affordable octa-core smartphone at the time of its release – something that was once unheard of. For only Php 4,999, everyone can now get more bang for their buck and all the power it packs.

A month after its release, CloudFone continues to surprise its users with the CloudFone Excite 501o with the perfect balance of performance and elegance, letting user experience prove that CloudFone delivers more than just value for your money. Coming in black and red and dashing in style, the deviceโ€™s rubber leather-like texture lets you hold and grip the CloudFone Excite 501o to fit right in your hands in all its 5-inch beauty. Its semi-rounded edges maintains its luxurious-looking contours while making sure that users get to use their device comfortably without feeling the bulk, allowing them reach every corner and panel as they browse their Facebook timeline, scroll their Instagram news feed, or finally get through level 501 of Candy Crush.

With the MT6592 processor, CloudFone ensures that its chipset doesn’t cheat its users with just two quad cores, but delivers true octa-core with eight actual cores capable of running simultaneously. The CloudFone Excite 501o’s 1.7 GHz octa-core processor enables extensive processing power while maintaining efficient power consumption, allocating your device’s resources properly, the way it should be. No more lagging and freezing when switching from one app to another, get faster graphics and more realistic gaming, and take great photos to share with your friends on all your social media accounts. Whether itโ€™s about processing intensive gaming graphics to make sure your gameplay is uninterrupted, powering up each pixel of your glorious 5″ IPS touchscreen as you enjoy watching on your large display, or managing your multiple tasks throughout the day — rest assured that your device can still keep it coming.

Excite 501o Product Sheet copy

Times are changing and CloudFone enables you to keep up with the rest of the world without costing potential users much of their salaries or allowances. Bringing Android for All, CloudFone makes sure there is no longer compromising true smartphone experience for your budget constraints.

Check out the CloudFone Excite 501o and get more for your octa-core!