Your allergies shouldn’t stop the out-of-town fun. There’s always Claritin.

Allergens are ubiquitous and may be found in various places. If you’re planning to hit the beach with your friends this summer, there’s a chance you’ll get itchy hives if you’re allergic to the burning heat of the sun, or some types of seafood. If hiking is your thing, you might find yourself incessantly sneezing due to the pollens from the plants you’ll be seeing along the dusty trail.

If you catch these allergies, you probably can’t make the most out of your summer vacation. How can you flaunt your favorite swimsuit if you have rashes all over? How can you enjoy your local seafood if you’re afraid they’ll trigger your allergies? How can you laugh along with your friends if you keep on sneezing? These allergies will zone you out and might make you miss out on the memorable moments of your summer. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

That’s why you always need to have anti-allergy medicine in your packing checklist. Just one tablet a day of Loratadine (Claritin) will help free you from the symptoms of allergy so that you can enjoy and experience your summer vacation.

Have a great, allergy-free summer!

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