Whether you plan on hitting the beach in El Nido, go surfing in Siargao with friends, or party island-style during LaBoracay, Filipino raring to take a much-needed vacation can now conveniently go online and check the best airfair deals to favorite summer destinations via the Skycanner flights app and mobile site – FREE from data charges, thanks to SafeZone.

To experience SafeZone, simply visit the SafeZone site or download the SafeZone Android app at the Google PlayStore.  Turn on the “Load Protect” feature* of SafeZone and immediately enjoy FREE access to Skyscanner and other relevant sites, without having to worry about unwanted data charges.

Skyscanner, Voyager Innovation, SafeZone

Dindo Marzan, Assistant Vice President for Voyager Innovation.

Through Skyscanner, Filipinos can access hundreds of airline promo deals in just seconds via a single, simple, and trustworthy source that can help them find the best travel solution at the right price.  Skyscanner’s unbiased, comprehensive and free search service meets that need, with features such as “search everywhere” and price alerts, making it one of the most powerful travel companions for globetrotters.

Book early

And as with any prized purchase, the key is to plan and arrange everything ahead of time in order to get the most amazing deals. Based on analysis of the last three years’ worth of data, and over 250 million prices booked, Skyscanner found that the best time to book varies from destination to destination.

Destination Best Time to Book  Cheapest Month to Travel
Thailand 17 weeks before departure  November
Hong Kong 19 weeks before departure  July
Singapore 19 weeks before departure  February
Japan 20 weeks before departure  November
USA 20 weeks before departure  November

In order to provide clarity and make these booking decisions as simple as possible for travellers, Skyscanner has created an interactive tool which allows travelers to see when is the best time to book for the most popular destinations in the Philippines.

Ravish Doctor, Philippine Marketing Manager at Skyscanner commented, “We know that the best time to book flights varies a great deal from airline to airline, destination to destination and even from year to year, so it is not surprising that travellers find this very confusing.  It is therefore important to share the latest insight we have with our customers in order to give them the confidence to book and get the best prices possible for their next trip.”

Skyscanner, Voyager Innovation, SafeZone

Left to Right: Heidi Anne M. Garayblas (Affiliates Accounts Manager for Voyager Innovation) and Dindo Marzan (Assistant Vice President for Voyager Innovation).

Below are the top destinations searched by Filipinos from January to march 2015 on Skyscanner for the summer holidays (May to July):

  1. Singapore
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Los Angeles
  4. London
  5. Tokyo
  6. Caticlan (Boracay)
  7. Bangkok
  8. Seoul
  9. New York
  10. Cebu

Be in the SafeZone

Launched in February, SafeZone allows mobile users to access more than twenty mobile apps and websites on their phones for FREE, including the Skyscanner app and mobile website no matter what device they are using. This means they can search for all the travel and airfair deals that they want on Skyscanner, so they can get the best bang for their buck on their chosen travel destinations this summer and beyond.

safezone, skyscanner

So take advantage of these airline deals and find cheap flight rates for your travel plans for this 2015 by downloading the Skyscanner app for iOS and Android devices, or visiting www.skyscanner.com.ph.  To access the apps and mobile sites for free, simply visit www.safezone.com.ph and turn on “Load protect” for Smart and Sun subscribers.

*To make sure they are in the SafeZone, users will only have to activate the “Load Protect” feature by visiting www.safezone.ph or by using the SafeZone Android app.  Once Load Protect is on, the will not be charged the standard P5 per 15 minutes of internet usage, and they can access all the SafeZone partner brands and websites for FREE.

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