The new normal forces us to rethink our lifestyle choices. Suddenly, we’ve given more importance to essential needs; isolation made us realize that there’s nothing like staying close and connected to our tribe, and whether it’s through food, sport or art, pursuing our passions has definitely taken space in our daily timelines.

How ironic is it that as we face a pandemic, it has become more essential to celebrate life? We all have our own ways of doing so—video chat parties, creating home-cooked meals, and being grateful for everyday we spend in good health. SM Men and SM Youth feels a kinship with those who face the new normal bearing the same energy for self-expression, particularly through fashion.

In its digital shoot entitled Shared Love in Virtual Spaces, SM Men and SM Youth turn to the gratuitous act of dressing up as a way to celebrate life despite the current times. There are many days in cooped up at home that spirits tend to go low, and the willingness to ‘show up’ to face another day runs dry. This new collection of exuberantly vibrant clothing reminds us that there’s always something to look forward to and celebrate.

Celebrate Life SM Men Thrives in the New Normal Lifestyle

SM Men and SM Youth bring together personalities whose personal style is a strong part of their overall lifestyle: photographer BJ Pascual, stylist Andre Chang, race car driver Daniel Miranda, health and fitness buff and Bo Athletics and SM Men mainstay Hideo Muraoka.

Launched last month, SM Men and SM Youth, along with SM Woman launched its Call to Deliver service, an alternative way to shop safely from home. In the service, customers phone in whatever it is they need from The SM Store, and the brands’ team of shoppers will handpick each item in store and arrange for the goods to be delivered to the buyer straight to the comfort of their homes. All shoppers have to do is contact 09178001074, and they will be readily assisted. Alternately, they can shop via

Shared Love in Virtual Spaces brought together photographer BJ Pascual and stylist Daryl Chang, who held the shoot in the comfort of their homes, shooting all four personalities who were in their own homes as well. This purely virtual collaboration just shows how fashion and creativity can come together to pursue life-giving passions at the time of the new normal.

Order pieces from the collection straight to your doorstep. Contact 09178001074 to order or shop via Visit @SMMen and @SMYouth on Facebook and Instagram for more info and promos.

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