If you’re a parent at work, don’t you wish you could pay your little girl’s tuition or load your your son’s prepaid through your phone? Yes you can, through BPI’s mobile app, and you transfer up to P50k.

If you operate a food cart business, don’t you wish you could make deposits, safely, at any time of the day, without the fear of getting robbed? Yes you can, through BPI’s over 200 Cash Deposit Machines nationwide.

Don’t you wish you could set an appointment online to visit your bank at your convenience? Yes you can, through BPI Express Assist online.

BPI Bank of the Philippine Islands

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), through the services and innovations above, is trying to make your lives easier. Oh and it’s highly recommended you download the BPI Mobile App for iOS or Android, but if you’re timid, here’s a video.

Oh and just an addendum. BPI currently has 308 Express Deposit Machines in Branch Areas (93.6%) and they are guarded by security. Also, they have 21 machines off-site (6.4%) which can be mostly found within Malls (so they can usually be accessed during mall hours). Here’s a tutorial on the human-teller-less and cashless deposit:

See? Banking conveniences you never knew you needed.

BPI 247 Banking

Visit BPI online for details.


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