We only have laptops at home as our main kinfuters and we were thinking of getting a bigger screen, for work, of course, and Korean dramas and anime. And work. So glad to have come across this Zen-beautiful wonder.

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Villman: Php 8,888.00


The ASUS VX239H monitor is easy to set up, but what immediately grabs you is how visually self-contained its design is. It looks as though it has no bezels, at all, so you end up feeling that it’s all screen, which is good. As for the on-screen menu to adjust things, we didn’t need it, as the default settings did ok. By the way, turning on the ASUS monitor (and turning it off) is as easy as softly touching, as in lightly touching, under the lower right corner. No indented or knobby-stand-out button to look for and click on. That means you can turn this on and off in the dark. Which is great when you’re tired and it’s late and you don’t want to fumble around with switches and buttons.

  • ASUS VX239H Monitor

    Out of the box, everything still wrapped in plastic.

  • ASUS VX239H Monitor

    Except for the cables, this is essentially the ASUS VX239H Monitor. That circular base stand is actually easy to screw on securely. Notice how Zen clean this monitor is. Beautiful.

  • ASUS VX239H Monitor

    Right. Every port seems to be in order. 🙂

For the most part, we tested the ASUS monitor on work-related stuff – Excel spreadsheets, tweaking posts on this site, Photoshop, reading Manga, Facebook, and watching Korean soaps. Yeah so a lot of what we did weren’t really work. But with a monitor this good you will end up killing time and loading full HD movies and loving it. Side viewing angles are superb. There’s not a lot of glare to complain about in our experience. It’s one of those monitors that just works.


Real world usage Part 1. My wife using the ASUS VX239H as a secondary monitor. Naturally, every shortcut and icon on her laptop is made much more distinct, clearer, and sharper. Later on, she ended up using the ASUS monitor as her main screen. We wonder why? 🙂

Colors are punchy, no dead pixels as far as we could tell, and no light bleeds at the edges of the screen. Despite the fragile-looking circular base, the monitor is sturdy.

ASUS VX239H Monitor

Just to give you an idea how thin this baby is. I took this shot just after I had put the monitor together. It’s beautiful and has a tiny space-footprint on your desk. It’s also light enough, light enough for someone to unplug all the wires behind it and run away.

We didn’t dive too deeply into the settings as the default one worked well. Or maybe I said that already. There’s simply not a lot to do or complain about when your monitor just works.

It’s often a bad sign if you NEED to tweak and adjust and attune the display to your needs. With the ASUS VX239H monitor, there’s none of that.

Out of the box assembly is easy, just get a screwdriver. Once the stand is in place, set the monitor on your table, connect it to your PC or laptop, plug it in. Let your kinfuter detect it. Get to work.

ASUS VX239H Monitor

The side viewing angles are superb. And sharp text are sharp without hurting your eyes, even with long usage in the dark.

The ASUS VX239H has its own set of speakers, which bust out good sounds, surprisingly. We expected something tinny or compromised. But no. Still, if you’re in an office scenario and not the home-office we have, you’re better off with keeping the sounds of your playlist and videos to yourself.

ASUS VX239H Monitor

Real World Usage Part 2. Our mixed Persian kitten Baji Quan, watching YouTube bird videos. Since the cat liked the monitor, we therefore conclude it’s a good one. 🙂 Sorry about the messy table – yes, we eat in front of our kinfuters. Oh, and again, the ASUS VX239H consumes very little space on your desk.

We love this monitor. It sits elegantly on your desk (if this had been in an office, you’d be getting stares and wows), and the lack of a complex set up and fine tuning plus the totally vivid display lets you do your work or play games immediately after set up.

If you want a bigger screen on which to work on your spreadsheets, edit your documents, tweak images and websites, or play games all night, we’d like you to take a moment and seriously consider pampering yourself. You deserve a monitor that makes you happy. Get this one – the ASUS VX239H.


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