True gaming motherboards packed with Intel Gigabit Ethernet and ASUS-exclusive SupremeFX audio, Gamer’s Guardian components, and AI Suite 3

ASUS Tech PR Discusses the Features of ASUS Gamer Motherboards

ASUS Tech PR PK Felongko Discusses the Features of ASUS Gamer Motherboards

 ASUS launched three new motherboards: the H97-Pro Gamer, the B85-Pro Gamer, and the A88X-Gamer. Partnering with one of the Philippines’ renowned publishers, Cherry Credits, the event was attended by gamers looking forward to the advantages ASUS can provide and updates about the publisher’s popular MMORPG, Dragon Nest.

Play Better With ASUS Gamer Motherboards

ASUS’ new line of motherboards aims to provide gamers with practical gaming features offered at a competitive price point. Features such as the Sonic Radar provide the user with means to stay alert and unsurprised in first-person shooter games, providing a visual representation of the sources of sounds in a 2D multidirectional overlay. Another notable feature of the Gamer series motherboards is the Game First II, a tool which allow gamers to enjoy games with lower latency.

H97-Pro Gamer

Aside from the features stated above, ASUS also assures users that the motherboards have undergone strict testing and are equipped with long lasting and durable components. Offering up to five times more protection than a usual motherboard, these Gamer motherboards are designed to stand and continue on gaming even when pushed to the limits.

B85-Pro Gamer

The motherboards come packed with the ASUS AI Suite 3, an ASUS-exclusive dashboard-style control panel that lets players fine-tune almost every aspect of the motherboard for the best balance between performance, stability and efficiency — all via a simple and intuitive interface.



The Silent, Yet Powerful Strix

Aside from the Gamer motherboards, ASUS completed the package by also showcasing their new Strix video cards. Rigs displayed in the event venue were powered by several Strix GTX 750Ti and Strix GTX 980 OC, running the latest games in the highest settings as possible.

ASUS Strix GTX 750Ti

ASUS Strix graphics card are overclocked and tested to perform above that of the standard. Packed with the DirectCU II cooling solution, ASUS graphics cards are sure to be in acceptable temperatures even under extreme load. One of the unique features of this line of graphics cards is the capability to operate in 0dB or zero noise, granting gamers and users the means to enjoy their games or their work in relative silence.

ASUS Gaming Rig

ASUS Gaming Rig.


Availability and Pricing

Motherboards (SRP) – all are currently available in the Philippines

B85-Pro Gamer             – PHP 4,950.00
H97-Pro Gamer             – PHP 6,890.00
A88X-Gamer                 – PHP 5,490.00

Graphics Cards (SRP)

Strix GTX 750Ti OC      – PHP 8,720.00
Strix GTX 970 OC                  – TBA
Strix GTX 980 OC                  – TBA

Dragon Nest Cosplayers with ASUS Components

Dragon Nest Cosplayers with ASUS Components