Co-Presents the 7th annual Asia IoT Business Platform

The Internet of Things (IoT) is touted to become a significant economic driver and frontier in the digital revolution, the full potential of which many have yet to discover. As the world moves towards converging technologies, experts predict that billions of devices will be able to communicate with each otherโ€”an ability that has the potential to enhance the quality of living and transform the way people experience technology.

IoT took center stage as key policy makers, government officials, solution providers, and local enterprises gathered for the 7th annual IoT Business Platform where Globe Business, the enterprise information and communications arm of Globe Telecom, top-billed as platinum sponsor. The conference enabled movers and shakers to discuss how IoT can be harnessed to better processes and exchange business insights in the manufacturing, transport, logistics, city planning, healthcare, banking, and finance industries.

Mike Frausing, Globe Senior Advisor for Enterprise and IT-Enabled Service Group, served as one of the keynote speakers and panel members of the conference. He noted that the Philippine telecommunications industry must address key elements in order to optimally reap the benefits of IoT such as improved coverage, connectivity, latency, capacity, big data, analytics, and security as well as more affordable devices.

โ€œTo make IoT a success we need to have a robust wireless coverage and connectivity, and a complying performance. This has to be supplemented by affordable devices that users can utilize either for business or for networking. These fundamentals are the fields that we at Globe have made available, and we keep improving and expanding on these areas to ensure that consumers and businesses from all around the country will benefit and be covered,โ€ said Frausing.


Mike Frausing, Globe Senior Advisor for Enterprise and IT-Enabled Service Group

IoT is defined as a worldwide network of โ€œthingsโ€ that include identifiable devices, appliances, equipment, machinery of all forms and sizes with the intelligence to seamlessly connect, communicate and control or manage each other to perform a set of tasks with minimum intervention. The goal of IoT is to enable things to be connected anytime, anyplace and with anything or anyone.ย  IoT ย is expected to help companies increase productivity, cut costs, offer new products and services, and bolster efficiency of business critical operations.

Aligned with this goal, Globe Business recently announced a three-year agreement with Astrata, a global organization that designs and develops advanced location-based IT services and solutions. Globe Business and Astrata take advantage of IoT to further improve the existing Globe Fleet Management Solution which allows companies to keep track of their moving assets via Global Positioning System (GPS) devices.ย  Both Globe Business and Astrata are also set to develop more solutions to support Fixed Asset Management, Security Services and other platforms.

Globe also clears the way for the adoption of IoT in the country through investment of over $2.2 billion in network and IT infrastructure to enhance capacities of its data network and augment legacy-related investments. The bulk of its $750 million capex this year is allotted to the deployment of fiber optic cables in 20,000 barangays or about two million homes nationwide. This allows higher download and upload speeds, lower latency, and faster Internet browsing and streaming of high-definition multimedia content for higher bandwidth and better speeds for enterprises and subscribers.


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