ASG Technologies, a leading provider of solutions for the information-powered enterprise, today unveiled the newest version of its workload automation and orchestration solution, ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator 4.1.3. This release advances ASG’s commitment to arm IT infrastructure & operations leaders and teams to design, implement, schedule and automate business services running on IT applications and infrastructure. With this release, ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator enables DevOps teams to integrate their toolchains to orchestrate value streams across platforms, including mainframe.

Significant advances with ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator 4.1.3 include:

New privileged access management (PAM) support: New support provides integration with PAM leaders CyberArk and Hashicorp to retrieve credentials at runtime, mitigating access and security risks.

• Secure authentication with OAuth2: Enhancements to ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator’s existing security support now include more secure interface support with external services including Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox and Google Drive. 

• Integration with market-leading IT Service Management vendor ServiceNow: Streamlining problem ticketing and accelerating resolution, ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator integrates with ServiceNow to open incidents when automation steps fail or experience errors.

Support for leading student information system (SIS) Ellucian Banner: IT departments of higher education organizations can now take advantage of ASG’s leading business service automation and orchestration. ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator provides job and task automation support for Ellucian Banner.

• DevOps service management integration with Jira: ASG’s integration with Jira enables DevOps teams to use their tooling of choice, Jira, for trouble ticket identification and resolution. ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator creates Jira requests when issues and errors in automations occur.

Software development lifecycle (SDLC) automation with Jenkins: Teams using Jenkins to schedule and sequence parts of their SDLC, such as test automation and release automation, can orchestrate those actions using ASG and simplify value streams. 

“Our advancements with ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator allow IT leaders to accelerate their modernization efforts,“ said Jeff Cherrington, Vice President of Product Management for Systems Management at ASG. “Our customers can now simplify their IT operations and get more utility out of their ITSM platforms. We’ve also removed a barrier to scaling and extending DevOps further into IT infrastructure, including the mainframe, with new DevOps toolchain support.”

For more information, check out our blog post on the new release. You can also learn more about ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator by visiting our DevOps automation page.

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