Smart Introduces Service That Nurtures a Safe and Connected Family


Now, quality time with family need not be sacrificed as mobile leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) offers a whole new suite of postpaid plans designed to foster stronger ties among Filipino families.

The hectic work schedules and busy lifestyle of moms and dads nowadays make it easy to neglect and fall out of touch with children. Now, quality time with family need not be sacrificed as mobile leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) offers a whole new suite of postpaid plans designed to foster stronger ties among Filipino families.

Called the Family Ties Plans, Smart’s new family-oriented offerings helps you stay constantly connected with members of the family, while ensuring a safe and protected environment for children when they use their mobile devices.

“We really sat down and thought about the unique needs of Filipino families, and we’ve discovered that a lot of them want to stay connected with each other all the time—whether it’s via calls, texts, or the various mobile apps,” says Kathryn Carag, Postpaid Marketing Head at Smart.

“With Smart’s new Family Ties plans, you no longer have to think twice about making that quick call to your son to check up on him at school or sending some sweet-nothings to your wife while at work because of the unlimited calling and texting features that come with the plan,” Carag adds.

Celebrity mom Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan (leftmost) interviews modern-day moms on how they manage to stay connected with their families with the help of new tools during the Smart Family Ties Plans launch at Café Romulo in Makati City. Janice Villanueva (middle), blogger, mompreneur and mother to three kids shared how she manages to juggle her hectic business schedule and time for her kids. Meanwhile, PR professional and mother to two boys Ana Ysabel Ongpin (rightmost) discussed how modern tools such as mobile apps help her stay connected with her kids and husband despite their respective busy lifestyles.


Constantly connected

Families have two choices for their postpaid lines: Family Ties Plan 900 includes unlimited calling within the family circle, unlimited SMS to Smart subscribers and 200 all-network texts, as well as 100MB of free data for each line every month.

Meanwhile, the Family Ties Plan 1800 comes with unlimited calls and texts to all Smart subscribers, 200 free all-network texts and 300MB of free monthly data for each line.

Both plans come with three lines and three smartphones of their choice. Initial phone models include the O+ USA 8.2, O+ USA 8.31, Lenovo A269i, Alcatel Magic, Lenovo A369i and the O+ 8.37.

But families with more than one child can also enjoy these perks as subscribers may add up to six additional lines per subscription by just adding P300 per line for Plan 900 and P600 per line for Plan 1800.

To maximize their postpaid plans, users can subscribe to various call, text and data packages through Smart Postpaid Flexibundles, which can be easily availed of via SMS.

Smart Postpaid Marketing Head Kathy Carag shares to mom bloggers and lifestyle journalists how the Family Ties Plans of Smart can assist busy moms in managing their household and making sure that their kids are safe whenever they use their mobile devices.

Safe online adventures

But aside from providing call and text features within the family circle, Smart’s new Family Ties Plans also provide a unique way of protecting children when they go online on their mobile devices. With the popularity of the Internet and various social networking sites, children are more exposed to various online threats such as cyberbullying and online scams.

Which is why in partnership with telco leader Vodafone, Smart will be exclusively offering the Vodafone Guardian App as a pre-installed app on smartphones available under the Family Ties Plans. Moms and dads can rest easy even if they’re not physically present to guide their children’s use of smartphones as the Vodafone Guardian App does all the work for them.

With just a few taps on the app, parents can set call and text-messaging filters and ban certain numbers from contacting their children, which helps prevent the risk of cyber-bullying and untoward incidents with unscrupulous individuals.

They can also help balance their children’s time online as the Vodafone Guardian App allows them to block certain features at certain times, such as banning the use of games while they are still doing their homework. The app offers enough flexibility so that parents can tailor-fit how the app protects their children based on their unique parenting styles.

“In this day and age when technology is all around us, it’s easy for our children to fall prey to individuals with bad intentions. It’s up to us, the parents, to ensure that they stay safe as they try to enjoy all the things their devices and the Internet have to offer,” Carag explains.

Interested families who want to avail of Smart’s Family Ties Plans may contact 8488877 or dial *887 on their SMART mobile phones. They may also proceed to the Smart Store nearest them or visit more details.

NURTURING A SAFE AND CONNECTED FAMILY. (From left) Celebrity mom Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, Smart Postpaid Brand Manager Guia Laurel, Smart Postpaid Marketing Head Kathy Carag, blogger and mompreneur Janice Villanueva, and PR professional Ana Ysabel Ongpin share the various challenges of being a modern mom, and how Smart’s new Family Ties Plans can help them nurture a connected family and protect their children from the different risks that they face whenever they go online. Starting from P900 a month, families can enjoy three lines with three smartphones, unlimited calling and texting within the family circle, and enjoy 100MB of monthly data when they sign up for a Smart Family Ties plan.


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