Sandara Park and brother Thunder to battle PH celebs in Finale of One Night Food Trip – International Edition

Sandara Park, Korean Style Icon and Pambansang Krungkrung, and her brother, Thunder (singer/songwriter Park Sang-hyun), will face the Philippine team comprised of Grace Lee (Korean TV host and radio DJ working in the Philippines) and Sam YG (Filipino-Indian radio and TV personality) at the finale of tvN Asia’s brand new production, One Night Food Trip – International Edition. The show is a spin-off of the popular Korean travel program of the same name and will have Asian (local) and Korean celebrities complete a 48-hour travel tour with a simple mission – EAT, PLAY and COMPETE! One Night Food Trip – International Edition is set to sail in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, with the final foodie battle set in the Philippines. The programme will premiere exclusively on tvN Asia on October 10, 2017 (Tuesday) at 23:00 (GMT+8); with the segment shot in the Philippines set to air on December 5, 2017 (Tuesday).

Left to Right: Thunder Park, Sandara Park, Grace Lee, and Sam YG.

Unlike the original show from which it is based, One Night Food Trip – International Edition requires the stars to not just eat but complete as many missions as they can. (Scroll down to see two videos: one is of the presscon wherein Dara and Thunder discuss their eating and stamp-gathering strategies; the other is a promo teaser of the original show.)

Left to Right: Thunder Park and Sandara Park.

Each team will travel to separate destinations in the same country to experience (and showcase) the local cuisine, culture, and attractions outside the usual tourist activities – they’ll shop, have a night out, and savor local delicacies and Michelin-starred delights such those served in Nobu Restaurant in City of Dreams.

In the Philippine leg of One Night Food Trip – International Edition, Team Dara/Thunder starts their quest in Palawan and then make their way up to Manila. Team Grace/Sam will hit Cebu first, then go down south to Davao City.

Each team that completes a mission gets a chop on their “One Night Food Trip” passport. The team with the most number of chops after 48 hours receives the “Golden Passport” as token of their victory. The Philippine leg of the series will be fly exclusively with Cebu Pacific Air, which has the widest domestic network, making shooting from one island to the next easier for the crew.

(L-R) Geoff Andres (Property President, City of Dreams, Manila), Anne Chan (Chief Operating Officer of CJ E&M HK), Thunder Park, Sandara Park, Grace Lee, Sam Y.G., Charo Lagamon (Director Corporate Communications, Cebu Pacific), and Arnold Gonzales (OIC Media Relations, Tourism Promotions Board Philippines).

In the video below, both teams discuss some highlights of the Philippine leg of the show, and what they did to get more stamps.

One Night Food Trip – International Edition premiers on October 10 (every Tuesday). The Philippine segment where Sandara and Thunder Park will battle it out with Sam YG and Grace Lee happens will be aired on December 5.

Here’s a teaser video of the original show, to give you an idea of the adventure awaiting both teams:

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