Philam Life: Supporting National Art Treasures

From Left to right: AIA Regional CEO Gordon Watson, National Museum Director Jeremy Barns, National Museum Assistant Director Ana Labrador, BPI-Philam CEO Ariel G. Cantos,
and Philam Foundation President Max Ventura

Acclaimed Filipino artists who rose to the status of National Artists are renowned throughout the world for their exquisite pieces of art. Although some of the great visionaries have passed away, many of their artworks survive the test of time and are proudly displayed at the National Museum.

Recognizing that preserving such works of National Artists is a praiseworthy yet costly task, the Philam Foundation recently donated Php 1 million to the National Museum. This is the third installment of a PhP 5 million pledge made in 2014. The donation will help the National Museum continue the maintenance of its facilities, and the restoration and care of cultural treasures under its care, particularly the Vicente Manansala collection. Seven of Manansala’s best works are made available for public display at the Philam Life Hall of the National Museum. These large scale paintings were commissioned by Philam Life in 1961.

For inquiries and viewing schedules at The National Museum, please contact (02) 527 1215.

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