Getting a Slurpee? Buy an EON account too!

Just like craving for your favorite Slurpee, get an EON account from a 7-Eleven any time of the day.  If you are an online freelancer, you can’t go bidding for e-gigs if you don’t have an account to get paid.  If you are a “hob-business” online entrepreneur, each business needs an account to operate.

EON Account Starter Kit, P150 at any 7-eleven store.

Definitely a timesaver than going to a bank branch and filling up forms, just go to the 7-Eleven counter and ask for an EON Starter Kit.  For only P 150, you get the all-new EON card that has a smartchip to keep your money extra safe.  What’s more, you get P 50 in your EON account to start off.

Here’s the EON app on a mobile device.

After downloading the EON app from Google Play or App Store, it will only take a a few steps to activate your EON account and manage your money like a whiz.  Plus, the EON account is a joy to have – no minimum balance required, no unnecessary fees, no penalties, and you can level up your EON account at any time.

Here’s all you need to know about getting an EON account.

“In the digital world, everything is 24/7.  Getting an EON account should be no different,” Paolo Baltao, EON’s Head Advocate said.

EON Starter Kit can be bought for P150 at any 7-eleven store nationwide.

Getting an EON account from your neighborhood convenience store is just one of the many cool innovations of the new EON.  To find out more, visit, Facebook /eonbankph, or Twitter @eonbankph.

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