Manila – Zoho Corporation remains dedicated to delivering inventive technology and value to our customers of our SaaS solutions. This year we have seen technology itself being upended with generative AI, as a solutions provider, Zoho has introduced numerous significant enhancements across our product offerings to ensure our customers have the best possible technology for their business needs.  Alongside these advancements, we’ve observed substantial growth in the Philippines, with widespread adoption of various products across our portfolio. We have also invested in deepening our involvement with the local developer community to help train businesses and future generations to use technology to improve business processes.

In a demonstration of our commitment to our customers, our annual user conference Zoholics convened 1 September at The Westin Manila. The event will be structured into four distinct tracks, featuring product updates, demos and customer panels. Through this initiative, we are determined to provide enhanced support to our customers in the Philippines’ business community, spur the conversation for digital transformation in businesses and foster closer connections stronger relationships with valued clients and partners. Notably, Zoholics Philippines will be followed within the week by two other conferences in the region, Zoholics Malaysia, and Zoholics Singapore, further extending Zoho’s impact across Southeast Asia. We are looking forward to gathering with Zoho Users and partners to share knowledge, experiences, and insights that will undoubtedly empower businesses in the region.

Expanding Resilient Solutions: A Year of Major Updates

Throughout this year, Zoho has been dedicated to providing resilient solutions that support businesses of all sizes. Demonstrating this commitment, Zoho pleased to outline several updates that were announced this year that will help users further streamline operations and enhance productivity.

1. Integration of OpenAI with Zoho’s Zia: By integrating OpenAI’s cutting-edge technology with Zoho’s intelligent assistant, Zia, businesses can now access enhanced AI capabilities for smarter decision-making and predictive insights. This innovation will enable Zoho users to gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

2. Trident Dashboard for Zoho Workplace: Zoho introduces the game-changing Trident dashboard, a powerful tool designed to revolutionize how businesses operate in the digital workspace. Simplifying collaboration, task management, and project tracking, Trident empowers teams to work seamlessly and efficiently within Zoho Workplace.

3. Launch of Privacy-First Browser, Ulaa: Addressing the growing need for data security and privacy, Zoho introduces Ulaa, a privacy-first browser. Ulaa ensures that users’ online activities remain confidential and protected from prying eyes, setting new standards for internet privacy. With Ulaa, users have the ability to separate personal work from business activity while using the same browser.

Zoho’s Top Products in the Philippines

In the business landscape of the Philippines, Zoho’s suite of products has gained immense popularity, YOY revenue growth in the Philippines remains at 30%. The top products used by businesses in the region include:

1. Zoho CRM: Streamlining customer relationship management and sales processes, Zoho CRM is the go-to solution for businesses seeking to optimize their interactions with customers.

2. Zoho One: Offering an integrated suite of over 40 applications, Zoho One has become a preferred choice for organizations seeking a comprehensive solution to streamline their operations and boost productivity.

3. Zoho Workplace: Empowering teams with collaboration and communication tools, Zoho Workplace is the cornerstone of efficient teamwork and project management.

4. Zoho Desk: Providing exceptional customer support and ticketing management, Zoho Desk ensures businesses can deliver unparalleled service to their clients.

5. Zoho Creator: Enabling businesses to build custom applications without coding, Zoho Creator offers flexibility and customization for unique business needs. in 2023, Zoho Creator has announced a strategic partnership with DEVCON, the largest community of technology experts, developers, and tech enthusiasts in the Philippines. This partnership aims to promote excellence and collaborative growth of Filipino developers to deliver digital solutions for the Philippines.

Pioneering Value through ownership, innovation and local collaboration

At the heart of our commitment to providing exceptional value to our customers is Zoho’s ownership and building of the technology stack from scratch—from apps and platforms to network and datacenters. This strategic advantage empowers Zoho to craft seamless integrations, ensuring our applications work harmoniously together. Combined with strategic investment and dedication to research and development, Zoho is able to deliver cutting-edge solutions fueled by continuous innovation, to meet the ever evolving needs of businesses. Zoho’s resolute focus on privacy also ensures that data of our business users and their customers remain secure. As Zoho continues to expand our global reach, our transnational localism approach ensures that we are equally dedicated to nurturing local relationships. In APAC, Zoho is excited to collaborate with local businesses and developer communities, contributing to the growth and prosperity of communities while collectively driving innovation and efficiency in the business landscape.

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