Maggie Q stars in an edge-of-the-seat thriller which will stream exclusively on Lionsgate Play on PLDT Home from February 2

How many ways can a bachelorette party go wrong? In Fear the Night, every bride’s worst nightmare comes to life – and then some. Neil LaBute’s action thriller dropping on Lionsgate Play on February 2 follows a violent home invasion at a remote farmhouse in the California hills. Maggie Q (Nikita, Designated Survivor, Death of Me) stars as Tess, an alcoholic, battle-hardened Iraq war veteran who is also sister to the bride. When the local gang turns up at the party and starts shooting arrows, Tess takes charge of the terrified group. Together, the women confront their fears and form a plan to outsmart their attackers. Fear the Night is a suspenseful watch that explores trauma and the bond of sisterhood. 

Talking about how he conceptualized his film, writer-director LaBute says, “Like Deliverance or Straw Dogs or The Last House on the Left, this film is about what happens to good people when bad people confront them with violent means. This is a movie about survival and living, not about body count and blood and dying (although we have a bit of that going on as well).”

He adds, “It’s meant to be a relentless and chilling story about the people you love and are willing to fight for, facing off against the kind of people that you sometimes have to stand up to and fight against.”

This is the first time LaBute has worked with Maggie Q, and although the actress loved the film’s concept, she had one request – no guns. That’s why in the movie, the attackers use arrows and other tools to terrorize their victims.

Speaking with Yahoo Entertainment, Q explained why you won’t see any firearms in the film: “[Tess] is trying to find her father’s weapons but it doesn’t happen for them. I said, ‘Let’s get a little more creative.’ If she finds her father’s guns, it’s game over. It’s not interesting… I was trying to create something a little bit different and more creative in the way that they were meant to get out of their situation.” She also added, “If we don’t have to promote [gun violence], why promote it?”

Official Synopsis:

Eight women attend a bachelorette party at a remote farmhouse in the California hills. They are interrupted by the arrival of masked intruders who surround the place and begin shooting arrows at the home and the guests. One partygoer—Tess, a military veteran who is fighting her addictions and her difficulty fitting in with other people—leads the women in making a stand against the attackers as they fight back to save themselves throughout a single night.

Enjoy the thrills of Fear the Night – exclusively streaming on Lionsgate Play on PLDT Home this February!

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