The Vertiv™ EnerSav offering identifies areas for energy saving improvements without the need for a major infrastructure overhaul

Singapore  – June 30, 2023 – Vertiv (NYSE: VRT), a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, today unveiled the Vertiv™ EnerSav, a data center optimization service that helps operators identify cost saving opportunities within their critical facilities by reducing energy consumption without the need for a major infrastructure overhaul. The service is available throughout Asia, including Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. 

The Vertiv EnerSav optimization service is a low-risk, economic, and environmentally-efficient service offering for data centers and server rooms. It is done with the help and guidance of highly-trained Vertiv service engineers, who will conduct a detailed on-site assessment and gap analysis report of the data center’s cooling infrastructure, highlighting potential energy savings and return on investment calculations.  

After comprehensive analysis of collected data, Vertiv engineers will recommend the appropriate thermal management strategy— either computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit optimization, hotspot elimination through hot/cold aisle containment, or air flow management. Then they will assist operators with solution deployment in the existing facility. Lastly, a detailed reporting on energy usage and reduction will be presented to show how the strategy and solutions carried out address the gaps identified in the initial analysis.  

One of the solutions that help achieve energy savings within the data center cooling system is the Vertiv™ Liebert® iCOM-S, a data visualization software that provides facility and data center management teams with advanced thermal management monitoring and control. It helps to reduce energy costs by using advanced algorithms but with a simplified user interface for ease of use. 

For heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and chillers, Vertiv utilizes the External Digital Demand Response Technology or EDD-RT. The EDD-RT is an energy management device that combines IoT and AI technologies to reduce electricity consumption and maximize efficiency of chilled water systems without impact on the facility’s preset conditions. The EDD-RT maintains, then enhances, the manufacturer’s design characteristics, utilizing live energy consumption patterns to optimize energy consumption.   

“Cooling has historically been one of the biggest energy consumers within a data center facility. Through the Vertiv™ EnerSav optimization service, we will help our customers achieve energy savings, potentially without the need to overhaul their entire facility. This is a practical, cost-effective way to optimize their facility for better performance,” said Chris Mandahl, senior director, services and project management at Vertiv Asia. “The goal of Vertiv EnerSav is to help our customers reduce data center costs by improving the operating efficiencies of cooling equipment within their critical infrastructure. It addresses key optimization challenges, such as increasing the cooling capacity and extending the operational life of existing equipment, reducing maintenance costs, and providing an optimially efficient site thermal management setup, all with the prime objective of reducing the data center’s monthly electric bill.” 

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