It seems that the more users explore their vivo V20 series smartphones since its release last October 31, the more surprising features they discover. And it might take a while to fully grasp every single innovative feature, as there are just too many to play with.

The vivo V20 and V20 Pro for example, with their 44MP front camera, not only boasts of superb, crisp, and clear selfie-and-video-taking capabilities, but convenient and content-enhancing features that give users the edge to stand out and #BeTheFocus in the realms of content creation.

All the details, anytime and anywhere

With an industry-leading 44MP camera and eye autofocus technology, the vivo V20 and V20 Pro can truly capture crisp shots down to the nitty gritty details. Further enhancing these already-splendid shots are features like AI Face beauty, which uses artificial intelligence to come up with the perfect settings that match the environment of your selfies, and a super wide angle selfie feature exclusive to the V20 Pro, which will prevent you from worrying about capturing your beautiful background in its entirety.

Does this “attention-to-detail” also translate during low-light scenarios? It sure does thanks to the “Night scene” feature pre-installed in V20 series smartphones which ensures clean and vibrant selfies from “dusk ‘til dawn”.

Thanks to the high megapixel camera, users can also take 4K videos using the front camera, which is perfect at this time wherein content creators only have themselves to rely on for shooting, editing, and churning out professional-grade content.

The vivo V20 series packs the 'ultimate' selfie camera

The best of both worlds in motion

Successful vlogs are the way they are due to different creative elements and content that captivate audiences. Most of the time though, it all boils down to good footage of the creator stating their sought-after opinions edited with a couple of supporting visuals to highlight their statements. So what if you could combine these in one frame?

With the vivo V20 series, users can record footage from their front and back cameras simultaneously which is perfect for reaction videos and similar vlogs that are in demand.

The vivo V20 series also locks in to a subject with its steadiface video feature, so users need not worry about dizzying footage.

Adding to a plethora of features for the front camera alone, the vivo V20 series also comes with a Front Slo-Mo feature that can allow your audience to appreciate your amazing content frame by frame.

#BeTheFocus today with the vivo V20 series, available on Lazada and Shopee, or through vivo concept stores and kiosks nationwide. To learn more visit

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