On Sunday, June 6, 2021, the Philippine eCommerce start-up Prosperna received an offer for a $450,000 seed investment by a fintech investment company UBX. 

Every year, hundreds of hopeful start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs in the Philippines submit their pitch decks and ideas to CNN’s The Final Pitch, a business reality show that connects investor judges to aspiring entrepreneurs.

As appropriately titled, the “Season 6: Heroes Edition”, included a power packed panel of investor judges included Li Hao Zhuang of FWD Insurance Philippines; Vince Yamat of 917Ventures; Joel Santos of Thames International Business School; John Januszczak of UBX; and the host and creator of The Final Pitch, John Aguilar.

“The Final Pitch was a great stage for us to tell our story about how we’re helping Philippine MSMEs,” says Dennis Velasco, CEO of Prosperna.

During the season finale episode, Velasco demonstrated how they are achieving double-digit revenue growth by empowering Philippine micro small and medium sized businesses with their simple and affordable online store builder. 

Ending his pitch with a video collage of powerful customer testimonials, Prosperna received an investment offer from UBX led by John Januszczak, as well as two partnership opportunities with Li Hao Zhuang of FWD Insurance Philippines and Joel Santos of Thames International Business School to drive additional growth.

Tech Start-Up Prosperna Receives $450,000 Seed Investment Offer on CNN’s ‘The Final Pitch’

COVID-19 and the overall impact of the pandemic on the traditional retail sector has accelerated the adoption of technology by Philippine Micro Small and Medium-sized Enterprises like Pokleefoods.com who are now working with local eCommerce software companies like Prosperna to accept orders online.

Tech Start-Up Prosperna Receives $450,000 Seed Investment Offer on CNN’s ‘The Final Pitch’

“We want to make eCommerce accessible for EVERY Philippine MSME so that they can level the playing field and compete with bigger brands,” emphasizes Velasco. 

Now, even home based proprietors like Sajeonline.com can create their own online neighborhood grocery store without any technical skills and sell to consumers who want to order directly and pay online to get their groceries delivered directly to their home.

Tech Start-Up Prosperna Receives $450,000 Seed Investment Offer on CNN’s ‘The Final Pitch’

Today, Prosperna’s making eCommerce easy with software made specifically for Philippine MSMEs. With a growing team of 41 full-time employees, they’re helping Philippine MSMEs create their own online branded store so that customers can buy from them directly. The good news is, Philippine MSMEs can go online without breaking the bank.  For more information about Prospena, you may visit www.prosperna.com or call +63917.659.1948.

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