Spending a bulk of our time at home in the last year not only led to many of us discovering new hobbies and home skills, but also gave us more reason to upgrade our living spaces to make it more comfortable and chic! But in reality, transforming our rooms and spaces to match what we see on our Pinterest mood boards can be quite a challenge.

Looking for home improvement ideas, furniture and gadgets for your next DIY home project? Lazada has got you covered. Check out our curation of #NasaLazadaYan items that cater to different budget ranges and aesthetic preferences.

  1. Enhance the lighting in your living space 

Modern Nordic Floor Lamp (P1,658) or Baseus Magnetic LED Desk Lamp (P849)

Splurge or Save: Home Improvement Products for Every Budget

Modern Nordic Floor Lamp (P1,658): Light up your work and living space with this chic standing lamp. It’s sleek and stylish Nordic design makes it versatile enough to fit into the aesthetics of most living spaces and lend a modern vibe. You can choose between 2 colors – black or white. 

Baseus Magnetic LED Desk Lamp (P849): If you prefer a more affordable lamp, consider the multifunctional Baseus Magnetic LED Lamp. It has a 24-hour battery life, and can be easily installed on narrow spaces thanks to its slim lamp body. 

  1. Boost productivity with the perfect desk 
Splurge or Save: Home Improvement Products for Every Budget

Luxury Office Desk (P2,422) or Adjustable Bedside Computer Table (P759)

Luxury Office Desk (P2,422): This sturdy office desk is a great option for those looking for durability, style and organization compartments for their work space. Boost concentration and productivity with this sleek and spacious desk.

Adjustable Bedside Computer Table (P759): If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, the adjustable bedside computer table is the way to go. This all-purpose laptop desk is a perfect companion if you like to move around the house and change up your work or study areas. It can also double up as a bedside table whenever you want to enjoy a movie or breakfast-in-bed.

  1. Stay organized with these minimalist shelves

Kallax Shelving Unit White (P6,800) or Storage Shelf on Wheels (P436.32)

Splurge or Save: Home Improvement Products for Every Budget

Kallax Shelving Unit White (P6,800) The Kallax Shelving Unit in white is superb for storing knick-knacks and adds to the overall aesthetics for your next #shelfie or Zoom call. 

Storage Shelf on Wheels (P436.32) Looking for a shelf you can easily move around? The storage shelf on wheels may just do the trick. It is wonderful for organizing items such as make-up, bathroom necessities, cleaning supplies, and even herbs and spices in the kitchen, especially if you regularly need to move them around the house!

  1. Keeping cool in the summer heat

Dyson Air Purifier and Tower Fan (P29,500) or Asahi XF 6077 Retro Wooden Stand Fan (P3,555)

Splurge or Save: Home Improvement Products for Every Budget

Dyson Air Purifier and Tower Fan (P29,500) The Dyson Tower Fan is definitely an item worth splurging on. The bladeless fan doubles up as an air purifier that filters the air to remove gases, allergens and pollutants. 

Asahi XF 6077 Retro Wooden Stand Fan (P3,555) Looking for a more budget friendly option? We recommend the Retro Wooden Stand Fan from Asahi, which you might have already seen in some of your favorite influencers’ Instagram stories. The unique color and sleek structure will add a touch of luxe and modernity to your home. 

  1. Uplift your home workout and movie session with these speakers

Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Speaker (P8,690) or JBL GO2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (P2,399)

Splurge or Save: Home Improvement Products for Every Budget

Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Speaker (P8,690) The Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speaker packs a punch with its crisp and clear audio. It also promises 20+ hours of portable playing time.

JBL GO2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (P2,399) Check out the JBL GO2 Bluetooth speaker on JBL’s LazMall flagship store. It is lightweight, waterproof, and comes in several colors for you to choose from. The portable gadget is great for those who love to listen to podcasts and music during bath time.

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