If you recently pivoted your business to digital operations and want to elevate your ventures, GoDaddy has ideas for (digital) gifts that keep on giving. 

MANILA – With the wave of change brought about by the pandemic, chances are you dipped your toes into starting your own business, or you already have an existing enterprise which you’ve taken digital. With the Christmas season upon us, what kind of gifts should you give your now digipreneur self? GoDaddy, the brand empowering entrepreneurs worldwide, has a ready-made list for digital gift ideas that can help you (and your business) create and maintain a strong online presence.

If You Are: The Social Media Savvy Entrepreneur

Treat Yourself With: A Photo and Video Design App

As a social media savvy entrepreneur, you likely have an Instagram feed curated to near-perfection, and will appreciate a photo and video design app that can take your social game up a notch. Take GoDaddy Studio, which makes creating content for social posts and advertising easier than ever. Thanks to thousands of templates that you can customize, along with hand-curated fonts and designs, GoDaddy Studio would give any brand a much-needed boost to help stand out on social media. 

If You Are: The Clothes Seller and/or Content Creator

Treat Yourself With: An E-Store 

Showcasing your shoppable closet on social media is an exciting challenge. A digital storefront, which organizes your clutter to better present your products, could be a perfect fit. Something like  GoDaddy E-Store could be a great self-gift option to sell your products and services online. The E-store can house a maximum of 2,500 products, and comes with inventory management, payment processing, and global currency support for real-time shipping quotes, to help streamline the digital shopping experience. 

Defining the look of your e-commerce storefront is made possible regardless of your design skills with customizable templates. The E-Store also goes beyond physical products; content creators can build an archive of digital content (like music and videos) for sale to people anywhere in the world. 

If You Are: The Boss

The Digi Gift: Professional Email and Office Software

Looking to expand your business? A Professional Business Email just might be the next best step. Customers are nine times more likely to choose a business whose email address matches the domain name of their business. GoDaddy Professional Email accommodates an individual business owner and even a growing team, providing ad-free and mobile-friendly email accounts with  security protections built-in that protect from fraud and spam, and offers calendar syncing, and text search functionalities. Other plans available allow for increased storage and offer Microsoft 365 for optimal office productivity and efficiencies. 

​​If You Are: A Growing Entrepreneur

The Digi Gift: Domain Names and Digital Marketing Tools

Entrepreneurs looking to expand their business can also benefit  from an enhanced online presence, kickstarted by having a unique domain name. GoDaddy Domain Names walk you through the process of searching for, choosing, registering , and even transferring domain names. Having this important piece of digital real estate is the perfect start to a deeper, better-sustained relationship with your customers, as having a professional  website can add credibility to your business and can build trust among site users.

With data analytics and marketing tools becoming more crucial in helping to guide your online business, GoDaddy also offers a comprehensive Digital Marketing Suite. The feature enables you to craft data-driven action plans through analytics and reporting to help track where you are in terms of your business goals, and how to get closer to attaining them. Also included are Search Engine Optimization or SEO tools, designed to help to make your website more discoverable in online search results, and email marketing to help broaden and improve how you reach your desired audiences.  

“At GoDaddy, we are driven to empower businesses with our suite of digital tools to aid in building and marketing brands for the new-normal landscape,” said Norman Barrientos, Director of Marketing for Southeast Asia, GoDaddy. “We offer our one-stop shop of digital solutions, along with expert guidance, which can be helpful for digipreneurs, no matter the sector or years in the digital game.”

Treat yourself and your business to holiday cheer today. Visit us now at ph.GoDaddy.com.

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