Manila, Philippines – As Christmas is the season for giving, Selecta aims to spread the spirit of Happinas all over the country once again through 12 Ways of Christmas. Together with local retailers, convenience stores, and online delivery apps nationwide, with the launch of especially curated Gifting Bundles, Selecta shows that there’s more than one way to #ShareHappinas throughout the holidays. 

Through 12 Ways of Christmas, Selecta is committed to helping Filipinos show appreciation for the people who add happiness to our lives – making the holidays even sweeter through the simple act of sharing ice cream. 

On the brand’s Facebook page, Selecta shines a light on the different kinds of people to share moments of happiness with this Christmas, as well as the ideal Gifting Bundle to be shared with them. From family and friends, to neighbors, officemates, and delivery riders, it’s easy to spread the holiday cheer with them through Selecta, one cone, one pint, and one tub at a time. 

Every moment of happiness shared this holiday season will find its way to the Selecta Happinas Map – a nationwide tally created to showcase how simple acts of kindness can create a ripple effect of positivity among people who cherish value human connections. To join the movement and help spread happiness around the country this holiday season, here’s how to take part in Selecta’s 12 Ways of Christmas: 

  • On an online post, tag the loved ones you wish to share ice cream with.
  • Use the #ShareHappinas and #GiftHappinas hashtag.
  • Purchase Selecta Gifting Bundles through any partner retailer and send them to loved ones through online delivery apps. Each use of the hashtag creates a pin that will appear on the Selecta Happinas Map.

Selecta’s 12 Ways of Christmas is a continued response to findings from the brand’s global study on happiness conducted last year which reported that 66% of Filipinos surveyed found happiness through human connection. With Christmas in the country traditionally seen as a season of togetherness, even in a socially distant time, Selecta aims to help people celebrate their connections to their communities as they play more important roles in the lives of Filipinos across the country. Discover Selecta’s 12 Ways of Christmas and give the gift of happiness this holiday season with Selecta today. For more on Selecta’s 12 Ways of Christmas, visit to view happy moments across the country.

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