With the summer season in full swing in the Philippines, temperatures are soaring and so is the demand for power to keep homes and businesses cool. But with the power outages frequently experienced across Metro and Mega Manila these days, more homes and businesses are at risk when it comes to overloading and short circuits that may cause accidents like fires and electrocution.

Home and business owners do not necessarily have to be powerless in this situation. Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, offers a solution that can help prevent such accidents and even help optimize business continuity plans — the Schneider Electric Back-UPS Connect.

The Back-UPS Connect is a mini uninterruptible power system (UPS) and direct current (DC) adaptor built into one to support the Internet of Things (IoT), surveillance and home security devices and is equipped with multiple tips to ensure extended device compatibility. As a mini UPS, it has an exceptionally small footprint that permits for a lightweight, compact and easy to setup design, and as a DC adaptor, it provides up to 85% power efficiency which allows savings on utility costs and reduces heat to promote longer component life.

Safer and smarter homes during power outages and emergencies

Back-UPS Connect is an ideal solution to power Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), modem/routers and surveillance devices during an unexpected power outage to ensure home internet stays online. Not only does it protect modem/routers, IoT and surveillance from power surges, it also gives homeowners peace of mind that during a power disruption, they have a battery backup power in the house for connected devices in case of an emergency and to stay in contact with loved ones.

Back-UPS Connect is easy to install and requires minimal effort to set up with compatible network devices. It helps ensure home internet stays powered during prolonged power outages to keep laptops, tablets, smartphones and smart devices connected to the internet.

Optimization for better roll out of business continuity plans

Back-UPS Connect for small business and home office applications is an optimal solution to avoid downtime during business critical applications. Business meetings, sensitive data driven tasks, presentations and virtual private networks (VPN) are all susceptible to unexpected network disruption due to a power outage. Back-UPS Connect keeps you online when it matters most.

Back-UPS Connect is easy to set up. It is an ideal solution for network device battery backup power and surge protection to stay productive and keep business applications online.

Alexandre Vermot, Country President, Schneider Electric Philippines said: “Hearing all these news of power outages, we want to be at the forefront of helping homes and businesses become safe and secure. With the Back-UPS Connect, we are enriching the lives of Filipinos by providing them with a tool to protect them from potential harm like electrocution, short circuits, and fires. The Back-UPS Connect also grants everyone enough time to get their affairs in order be it online or offline, ensuring that Life Is On no matter the situation.”

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