Samsung has once again achieved the top spot in both the Philippines’ Top 100 brands and Asia’s Top 1000 brands of 2020 based on Campaign Asia’s reports on consumer opinions surveyed across 14 markets in Asia-Pacific.

Innovation at its Core

Samsung’s brand philosophy of pushing beyond its limits, to “Do What You Can’t”, always puts innovation through design and function at its core. This philosophy has consistently been the driving force behind Samsung to never shy away from big ideas and for their immense contributions across multiple industries over the years.

Innovation comes in many forms. From thoughtfully addressing opportunity areas and needs of their consumers, to reimagining and elevating the quality of everyday needs, Samsung has had a hand in nurturing Filipinos and their families through their innovations.

“We at Samsung are thankful for all the Filipinos who believe in us. This only proves how far putting innovation at the core of a business can go. Innovation is not just found in the technology behind Samsung’s beloved products but also in the way the company creates unique and lasting experiences,” James Jung, President of Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation shared. 

Innovative Milestones

Samsung’s many innovations found in their smartphones put the ever-growing needs of consumers front and center. Through the Galaxy S10 line launched in 2019, Samsung created an industry-standard by introducing the first smartphone with a Super AMOLED display for the best immersive viewing experience on a smartphone. In the Galaxy Note series, the ability for productivity has taken leaps through the power of its S Pen since it came out with the first Galaxy Note in 2011.

Samsung has also continued to push the boundaries of the smartphone’s form factor with its in-foldable devices, which was first introduced in 2019 with the Galaxy Fold. Early this year, the Galaxy Z Flip was added to its foldable range. And now, the latest iteration of the flagship Fold series, the Galaxy Z Fold2, shows just how much the brand is committed to better itself time and time again.

Samsung has also continued to demonstrate industry-leading design and engineering expertise through its TVs by creating the world’s slimmest TV in 2009, the world’s largest UHD TV in 2013, and the 105-inch Curved UHD TV in 2014. Among Samsung’s industry firsts, they were the first to launch camera-equipped TVs with Voice, Hand, and Face Recognition in 2012. The following year, they introduced Smart View, which allows file sharing from compatible smartphones to the TV, enhancing the overall connectivity of smart devices.

Samsung has also broken ground in creating smarter homes for its consumers through their innovative appliances which come together for a nurturing environment at home. Their range of kitchen appliances have optimized refrigeration for food safety and promoted artful and intelligent cooking. Samsung has also taken personal care for the family to another level with its latest innovation, the AirDresser, designed to ensure the proper care and disinfection of clothes in the comfort of their homes.

Going Beyond Innovative Products

Samsung’s innovations are not only found in its growing list of groundbreaking products. Through meaningful experiences it creates such as the Samsung Members app, Samsung continues their relationship with its consumers extending beyond the purchase of its products. Here, consumers are provided with a convenient source of useful information ranging from everyday tips and tricks, the latest product news, to exclusive benefits that they can enjoy.

Samsung’s dedication to improving the lives of its consumers has long been a clear driver for its innovative spirit. This, without a doubt, has led the brand to achieve the hard-earned feat of attaining the position of the Philippines’ Top Brand for the sixth consecutive year and Asia’s Top Brand for the ninth consecutive year on Campaign Asia’s Top 1000 brands in Asia. These milestones further cement Samsung as a trusted brand both here and abroad.

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