How can a system administrator effectively and accurately monitor his company’s IT environment in real time? How quickly can he diagnose issues and prevent its recurrence? Most importantly, how can he detect attacks and warn the organization instantaneously?

These can only be done with a customizable network monitoring software like Nagios® XI™  the most powerful and trusted network monitoring software on the market for any business vertical.

Nagios XI provides a monitoring, alerting, graphing and reporting platform for the entire infrastructure, including servers, operating systems, applications, network devices, websites, hypervisors, cloud servers, and much more.

The most effective way to proactively manage risk and mitigate business downtime related to a cybersecurity attack is to enable both complete visibility and continuous monitoring.

This allows IT security teams to have a true understanding of the organization’s cyber hygiene at any given time, allowing for more confident, informed decision-making as well as ongoing compliance monitoring – which is a growing concern in many industries.

This is where Nagios XI comes in.

Nagios Core 4 monitoring engine allows for nearly limitless scalability and monitoring effectiveness with a reliable security engine using its Linux based system. Nagios® XI™ is multi-platform compatible. It works with Microsoft, VMware and Linux.

Nagios XI is compliant and is the best choice for end users given its readily accessible source code and growing community-based plug ins.

Nagios XI monitors all mission-critical IT infrastructure to include applications, devices, services, operating systems, network protocols and systems metrics. It notifies users of incidents and gives insight into the issue for faster and smarter responses.

It provides a central view of the entire IT operations network and business processes. Dashboards show at-a-glance access to monitoring information and third-party data.

Quick detection and alerting are two of the strongest points of Nagios XI. Its ability to track and alert not only network switch and router interface status, but also bandwidth and throughput rates, allows system administrators to identify security vulnerabilities on both a physical and virtual level.

Operating system error logs can also be monitored and alert appropriate teams when failed login attempts or specific intrusion attempts are identified.

Nagios XI allows for proactive planning and awareness. Automated, integrated trending and capacity planning graphs allow organizations to plan for infrastructure upgrades before outdated systems catch them by surprise. Alerts are sent to all stakeholders so they can start resolving issues immediately.

Ease of use is a key feature of Nagios XI. Integrated web-based configuration interface lets admins hand out control of managing monitoring configuration, system settings and more to end users. Configuration wizards guide users through the process of monitoring new devices, services, and applications.

Nagios XI can be customized. A powerful graphical user interface (GUI) provides for customization of layout, design, and preferences on a per user basis.

Nagios XI has multi-tenant capabilities. Multi-user access to web interface allows viewing of relevant infrastructure status. User-specific views ensure clients can only see the components they are authorized to see. Advanced user management allows administrator to manage user accounts more easily. A few clicks and users automatically receive an email with their login credentials.

The extendable architecture of Nagios XI allows simple integration within house and third-party applications and its flexible deployment option that can be on Cloud, on-premises, offline, or hybrid. Community developed add-ons extend monitoring and native alerting functionality.

Nagios XI is cost efficient in terms of licensing scheme per host. It covers across the board services and process capable of monitoring in the installed host without any added cost.

Try Nagios XI and see the difference. Call 09190774042, email or log on to

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