World-renowned actress and model joins PUBG MOBILE to become the new NUSA Commissioner in the Version 2.2 Update

LONDON โ€“ September 22nd, 2022 โ€“ Today, PUBG MOBILE is honored to announce a new partnership with international star Jung Ho Yeon, well-known for her talented acting performances and high fashion modeling career. Jung Ho Yeon joins PUBG MOBILE at an exciting time, filling the role of the NUSA Commissioner in the Version 2.2 Update.

This month, PUBG MOBILEโ€™s Version 2.2 Update introduced Nusa, a beautiful new island map on which players can expect fast-paced and thrilling skirmishes against scenic backdrops.

As part of the celebrations for this brand new map, Ho Yeon arrives in-game as the NUSA Commissioner, and starting tomorrow players will be able to collect a series of Ho Yeon-themed cosmetics by purchasing crates. The items include:

  • HO YEON Operation Erangel Set
  • HO YEON Purple Crown – Pan skin
  • HO YEON Queen of Thorns Ornament
  • HO YEON Deadly Kiss – Kar98K skin

Nusa is available to play in PUBG MOBILE right now, with the Ho Yeon collaboration arriving tomorrow, September 23rd.

PUBG MOBILE is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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