Manila, Philippines — Prosperna announced the launch of their FREE lifetime eCommerce plan to help Philippine MSMEs accelerate and grow their business online.

“We’re super excited to make such a positive impact on Philippine MSMEs and our economy,” explains Dennis Velasco, Prosperna’s CEO. He adds that, according to the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), eCommerce gross revenue in the country will grow from USD $17 billion (PhP 850 billion) to USD $24 billion (PhP 1.2 trillion) by 2022.

Prosperna Makes eCommerce Accessible for Every Philippine MSME

Prosperna makes it extremely easy for Philippine micro small and medium sized businesses to accept online orders from their own online store, Facebook, Viber and WhatsApp, offer digital payments and automatically book shipping. Merchants of any size can set up their own online store in minutes directly from their mobile phone or from a browser without any coding experience.

In the last 12 months, over 1,500+ merchants have used Prosperna to sell over USD $ 3,000,000 (PhP 150 billion) worth of products and services. Many Philippine MSMEs like Lola Nena’s, Mayumi Organics, Mindanao Butchers and have grown their business online using Prosperna as their eCommerce platform of choice.

Prosperna Makes eCommerce Accessible for Every Philippine MSME

“99% of the companies in the Philippines are MSMEs so with the launch of our FREE lifetime plan, we hope to help Philippine MSMEs level the playing field with technology by making eCommerce software accessible to everyone,” said Velasco.

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