Power Mac Center invites you to tune in on Facebook this Saturday, August 7, at 6PM for the live launch of the Microsoft Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) suite. Amid the transition to hybrid work and school arrangements in the new normal, the premier Apple partner strengthens its productivity suite offerings that can work on multiple devices.

The ESD innovation enables the digital delivery of the product key directly to consumers via authorized channels, thereby making it convenient and safe to acquire technology amid the quarantine restrictions.

During the event, Microsoft experts will be present to help you discover the right products that will empower you and your organization to make your devices limitless and achieve more. Exciting prizes and promos also await lucky participants and customers so be sure to stay until the end of the program. To join, register at https://forms.office.com/r/vk6qWiy1yC

Power Mac Center goes live for Microsoft Virtual LaunchPower Mac Center goes live for Microsoft Virtual Launch

More information about Power Mac Center is available at the website <powermaccenter.com> and on Facebook <fb.com/PowerMacCenter>. You may also follow Microsoft on Facebook <fb.com/MicrosoftPhilippines> or Instagram <instagram.com/microsoft>.

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