How can the country’s 800,000-strong SMEs efficiently engage our 34 million Facebook users, 10 million+ Twitter users, and over 44 million Internet users?


PLDT SME Nation’s strategic partnership with Samsung and Microsoft allows SMEs access to game-changing business tools, such as faster and nationwide fixed and wireless broadband solutions, the latest gadgets and devices, and relevant collaboration cloud applications. These tools can lead to higher levels of operational efficiency, expanded market reach, higher profit margins.

This partnership addresses three real problems that SMEs face:

  • How do you reach online customers and grow your profit?
  • How do you stay competitive?
  • How do you maximize efficiency and save cost?

Whether yours in an emerging or established business, PLDT SME Nation has the right Internet connectivity package for you.

Here are the partnerships’ highlights:

  • SMEs can enjoy PLDT SME Nation’s premium and faster fixed and wireless broadband solutions running on PLDT’s latest fiber and LTE network. These offerings provide unlimited access which give entrepreneurs the ability to continuous conduct online activities with no fear of bandwidth throttling. These services also feature committed information rates (CIR) which guarantee minimum bandwidth speeds for businesses and a static IP used to power up their websites and enable faster inter-office data transfers.
  • PLDT SME Nation has the most robust and nation-widest reach for its fixed, wireless and now satellite service, ensuring that entrepreneurs will have the best broadband service suited for their business wherever they are.
  • These new broadband packages come with supercharged flexible freebies ranging from relevant and business-enabling Cloud Solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 and PLDT Cloud apps for video monitoring, asset tracking, POS, infrastructure and more. SMEs will also be able to get for free and choose the latest array of smart devices from Samsung Philippines and High Definition (HD) TV content from Cygnal.

As an example of the offered latest gadgets, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be available on Smart enterprise plans starting at P1500 available this April.