Building disaster-resilient Filipino communities, PLDT and its wireless unit Smart Communication, Inc. (Smart) further cultivate a culture of resilience among Filipinos, through their network and technology, as well as initiatives and partnerships.

“As network operators, PLDT and Smart are in a unique position to provide communications support vital before, during, and immediately after disasters. Apart from prepositioning mission-critical equipment and manpower, PLDT and Smart also equip emergency responders with preparedness skills, distribute relief, and provide technical support to enable early warning systems,” said Stephanie V. Orlino, AVP and Head of Stakeholder Management Team at PLDT and Smart.

PLDT Group also continues to maintain and upgrade its network infrastructure to ensure its accessibility and reliability during disasters and emergencies.

“Our services and our people have been up, front, and center in the country’s biggest disasters. Together with our valued partners, our teams have been providing vital communications facilities that help link local government units (LGU) to their rapid response and rescue operations. Our services have helped socio civic orgs and humanitarian agencies deploy much-needed aid to affected communities,” said John Y. Palanca, FVP and Head of Consumer Sales at PLDT and Smart.

With communication as a lifeline, which has become as vital as food, water, and shelter, PLDT and Smart have offered and will continue to activate their free call, charging, and WiFi stations to help reconnect communities to their loved ones during disasters.  

To date, PLDT, Smart, together with their partners such as PLDT-Smart Foundation and Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation, have delivered 58 Ligtas Kits to vulnerable communities in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

“Providing connectivity is our mandate as the country’s biggest integrated telco. We do this because malasakit is in our DNA, it drives us to help connect our customers and communities when they need it most,” Palanca added.

Recognizing the vital role of communication and information during disasters, PLDT and Smart also maintain long-term partnerships with organizations that share a common goal of building disaster-resilient Filipino communities.

“PLDT and Smart, through Infocast, a digital messaging platform, and Ligtas Kit, an all-in-one emergency communications package, have helped us in ensuring our communication system will not encounter any gap especially during disasters. The PLDT Group has also supported our goal of zero casualty in Albay through their network and technology,” said Dr. Cedric Daep, Chief of the Albay Public Safety and Emergency Management office.

PLDT and Smart’s #SafeandSmart advocacy promotes preparedness and immediate response through network resilience, continuous availability of communication services, mobile solutions and activities, and relief assistance to help communities mitigate disaster risks. The initiative also underscores the commitment of PLDT and Smart to attaining UNSDG #11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

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