Panasonic, the leader in communication technology, has launched the HD Visual Communications System to help clients achieve cost-effective and far more flexible connections that will promote business growth and success wherever they are in the world.

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The HDVC System highlights features that allow for versatile and innovative videoconferences to meet every business requirement. It essentially answers the need for connection to multiple sites, clear communication, and ease of use – all while keeping costs at a minimum and without restrictions on time or place.

For such a small investment, the HDVC system will help minimize travel costs for meetings of companies that have many branches and sites within the country. It is also ideal for companies that need to coordinate regularly with international or regional headquarters. These include banks and financial institutions, business process outsourcing (BPO) firms and call centers, hotels, retail chains, educational institutions, etc.

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“You will lessen expenses for in-person meetings nationwide or abroad unless your presence is definitely required. As such, this minimal investment in the Panasonic HDVC system will pay for itself well into the future,” noted Shaun Sato, Sales Adviser, Panasonic Philippines Systems Solution Group.

“HDVC is a business solution from Panasonic that breaks the barrier of distance in out of office or out of the country communication that is cost-effective, thereby increasing the productivity of today’s workforce,” noted May Gicain, Marketing Manager, Panasonic Philippines Systems Solution Group.

Connection to Multiple Sites

The KX-VC 1600 lets clients hold a multi-site videoconference with people up to 10 sites without requiring the purchase of expensive MCUs (Multi-point Connection Units). It also lets clients hold a multi-site videoconference at virtually any location, even if it changes each time.

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Jimmy D. Go, CEO and President of MSI-ECS Philippines, Inc. opens the evening’s program with a concise speech. 

For multi-site connection of up to 16 locations, Panasonic has the HD Visual Communications Multi-Point Connection Software that allows six-site, eight-site, 12-site, or 16-site configuration to meet the user’s multi-site videoconferencing need. The number of communication sites can be increased from eight to 12 or 12 to 16 after the product purchase.

Among the features of HDVC-MPCS include screen layout choices to match the user’s situation, easy-to-see images even in multi-site connection setup, multi-speed communication for display of images with optimum image quality, and participation in the videoconference from an outside location.

Convenient and economical

Because the HDVC System can connect via intranet/VPN and internet simultaneously, it is easy to configure a videoconference system connected to sites inside and outside the company.

Whether the client is traveling abroad or working from home, the HDVC System keeps up by allowing participation in video conferences using a PC or mobile devices such as a tablet or a smartphone.

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“When combined with Panasonic’s NAT Traversal Service, or HD Visual Communication Mobile software that enables the use of mobile devices for participating in a videoconference, you can have effective visual communication no matter the time and place,” Sato said.

The NAT Traversal Service is a network service offered exclusively for use by the HDVC System. It can be used to hold a videoconference between the client’s company and other sites. It enables easy establishment of a communication environment without complex router settings, and uses Internet line for economical operation.

Clear Communication

The HDVC System incorporates Panasonic’s high-quality image and sound technologies cultivated in the development of various audio-visual products over the years to ensure clear communication in video conferences.

For instance, it delivers high-resolution Full-HD 1080/60p images at an IP rate of approximately 1.0 Mbps. Displayed images are as clear as Full-HD TV images. The HDVC System shows even small changes in facial expression.

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The HDVC System is also equipped with a full-duplex audio in wideband stereo that allows high-quality sound to fill the room with clarity.

While a unique echo canceller prevents echoes and howling. More so, clients are assured there will be hardly any delays or interruptions even when two people speak at the same time.

Generation of packet losses is prevented by the rate control, and lost packets are restored by the combined use of the forward error correction and automatic repeat request control. Even if the bandwidth decreases after communication starts, clear communication is maintained according to the communication line condition.

And because video and audio communication is maintained at 256 kbps per site, there are minimum image disruptions and audio interruptions, and the connection stays stable.

Easy to use

The HDVC System ensures accurate communication of information with less hassle. It supports H.239 dual streaming to simultaneously transmit the home location image and to simultaneously receive the image of a distant site and a PC document image.

The KX-VC1600 features a triple monitor function, which can display a PC document, the image at a distant site and the image of the home location separately on three monitors.

The image of a product sample or parts captured with a sub camera can be shown to other parties during a videoconference. The clear, high-resolution images displayed by the HDVC System allow close examination of material textures and small that are difficult to see with the bare eyes.

MSI-ECS is the distributor for Panasonic HDVC Systems.

For a free demonstration of the Panasonic HDVC system in your office, please call Panasonic Philippines at 635-2260 local 6230. You may also contact MSI-ECS at 688-3732.

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